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6 Need-to-Know Tips on Improving Executive Communication for C-Suite Success

As a CEO, it’s imperative that you already understand the importance that communication has on your ability to run a business. Whether you’re organizing your departments, communicating with customers and clients, shareholders and everyone in between, communication is key across the board. However, with such busy and stressful days, it’s not uncommon for professional communication …

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How to Encourage Employee Productivity With Artificial Intelligence

From time-blocking to to-do lists, there are countless time-tested methods to encourage employees to make the most of their time on the clock. They’re still useful, but many HR professionals are beginning to use artificial intelligence (AI) to capitalize on employees’ available hours. Forward-thinking people in the human resources sector can do that in several …

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The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

In an ever increasingly fast-paced world, it’s easy to succumb to the pressures of feeling the need to succeed. Part of the problem is the praise and rewards we give to workaholics. But these people shouldn’t always be admired. There’s a difference between working hard and overworking that, unfortunately, many overworkers do not understand. While …

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How Max Marine Uses Task Pigeon To Manage The Daily Operations of Their Sail Racing Team & Workshop

For more than 20 years Maxime Loiselle has been passionate about sailing and his company Max Marine embodies that spirit. Founded by Maxime, and supported by Phillippe Villa, his Master Repairman and Émile Fortin Gaumond in Customer Service the company operates as a sailing race team, a mobile marine product retailer and a boat/sale repair …

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How to Manage an Early-Stage Startup While Working Full-Time

When you’re years into your career, juggling a full-time job and maybe a family, managing an early stage-startup can be downright nerve-wracking. The vast majority of adults don’t want to eat into their savings or move back in their parents once they’ve begun their career, even if their startup idea could be worth millions. And …

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