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Understanding Pre & Post Money Valuations As A New Startup Founder

Understanding the difference between pre-money and post-money startup valuations is very straight forward, especially if you have the difference explained to you by someone who is engaged in the startup ecosystem. As someone who Mentors student entrepreneurs, both at the High School and University level, as well as a number of other people interested in …

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Task Pigeon’s Integration With Zapier Is Now In Public Beta

Startup Founders, Employees, Productivity Gurus rejoice! Task Pigeon’s integration with Zapier is now in Public Beta. No more mucking around with requesting access to the Private Beta or wondering when it will be available on the Zapier platform itself. With Task Pigeon now in Public Beta you can easily connect and integrate Task Pigeon into …

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So You Want To Outsource SEO? Here’s Everything I Have Learned Outsourcing SEO To Freelancers

As Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople we are constantly stretched for time. One way to “get back some time” is to outsource tasks, and perhaps one of the most common tasks to outsource is Search Engine Optimization or SEO based work. However, I have burned through more than four so called SEO experts! What should …

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The Ultimate List of Online Landing Page Builders, With Recommendations & Reviews

Landing pages can be an effective tool in any marketers tool belt. A great landing page can be used to sell a new product/service, capture leads for an eBook, promote an upcoming webinar or help register attendees for an event. But it seems like there are endless landing page software tools on the market. And …

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Task Pigeon Improves App Performance by 217% With Latest Update

We are excited to announce the latest update to the Task Pigeon application. While nothing has visually changed we have significantly increased the performance of the application and cut down on load times. Over the last couple of weeks our team has been working on improving our backend architecture. Yesterday, we released the first of …

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What Are The Benefits of Content Marketing For Startups?

Content Marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain an audience. There are numerous types of content that can be produced within a content marketing plan, including: Infographics Whitepapers Case studies Videos Audio content/Podcasts ebooks But by far the most popular (and easiest) …

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