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How to Manage an Early-Stage Startup While Working Full-Time

When you’re years into your career, juggling a full-time job and maybe a family, managing an early stage-startup can be downright nerve-wracking. The vast majority of adults don’t want to eat into their savings or move back in their parents once they’ve begun their career, even if their startup idea could be worth millions. And …

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Here Is Task Pigeon’s Entire Y Combinator Application

Y Combinator is the world’s leading startup accelerator. Since 2005 they have invested in over 1,900 startups. This includes some of techs largest and most well knowing companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Reddit, Quora and Twitch. In addition to the core Y Combinator program YC also run something known as Startup School. Open to …

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21 Small Business Ideas With Great Opportunity & Potential

One of the best ways to achieve financial freedom is starting a small business. While starting a large business may have a lot of complications, there are plenty of small business ideas you can venture in without much investment. Some of the available small business ideas can be executed at home while others may need …

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What Is Cross Functional Collaboration And How To Make It Work For Your Organisation

Cross functional collaboration is a process in which people from multiple teams or departments (i.e. sales, marketing, human resources, etc) within a company come together in order to work on a central project or task. Cross functional collaboration can happen organically within your organisation or can occur as part of a formal project or process …

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The Ugly Truth About Your Office’s Open Floor Plan

Offices with open floor plans are the new normal — it’s hard to find an office these days that has more traditional cubicles for each employee. This is because, for the longest time, open floor plans were marketed as a design that makes employees more efficient and productive. However, a recent study from the minds …

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Task Pigeon Releases Major Update As User Numbers Continue To Grow (Here the Founder Shares His Thoughts)

As a Bootstrapped and solo founder it can often be hard knowing when to pull the trigger on another major investment into your company or product. I faced that question a couple of months back when I took stock of where Task Pigeon was and where I wanted it to go. I was energized by …

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