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Why Non-Technical Startup Founders Should Learn To Code

There is no rule that says you need to be a technical founder to start a startup. In, fact there are plenty examples of successful non-technical startup founders. That said, if you are a non-technical founder, there is no reason why you shouldn’t learn to code. In fact, I am going to argue that learning …

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How To Manage The Blog Post Creation Process – From Having An Idea To Publishing & Promoting Your Post

Creating blog posts on a consistent basis is hard work. On the surface it looks easy. You pen anywhere from five hundred to a few thousand words, upload the article to WordPress (or another platform that powers your blog) and hit publish? If only it were that easy! Once you scale beyond a blog post …

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Not All Startup Founders Can Go Full Time On Day One – What It’s Like Balancing A Startup, Full Time Work and A Family

You know what sucks? Hearing people say that you can’t possibly be committed to your startup if you still hold down a full time job. I’m sorry……… but I’d bet a decent amount of money that I am just as committed and put in just as many (productive) hours as most other founders. That said, …

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What Is A Stand Up Meeting? And What Are There Benefits?

Meetings are part and parcel of every day life in the corporate world. Typically, meetings have been set in 30 minute or one hour increments, regardless of the amount of material that needs to be discussed. More recently however, there has been a trend to other shorter meeting structures. This includes the “stand up meeting”. …

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8 Online Course Providers To Train & Upskill Your Employees

The idea that people enter the workforce with all the skills they will ever need has long been proven false. Learning should in fact be a continuous process. The best companies recognise this. That’s why they invest not only in their product, but also their people. However, for companies at the smaller end of the …

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Why Data Is Critical In Assessing Your Startups Progress

Stepping into the driver’s seat as a Startup Founder is already a challenging enough job. Why then would you make it harder and blindfold yourself at the same time? But, that’s essentially what you do if you fail to prioritise the collection and analysis of data generated by your users. Despite what many headlines show, …

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