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Introducing Marketplace By Task Pigeon

When I first created Task Pigeon the development of the underlying task management dashboard was always the first step in what I saw as a much broader vision to create a scalable technology focused company. Core to this long term vision is the fact that more than 40% of tasks people add to their to-do …

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Equity Crowdfunding Sucks In Australia (And It’s Not The Startups That Are To Blame)

Equity Crowdfunding sucks in Australia and the fault lies squarely at the feet of the inept politicians who would rather waste their time arguing over office relationships than developing policy that can take the country forward. I am the key demographic for equity crowdfunding platforms. I am in my late twenties, have a passion for …

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Looking At The Root Cause – The January 2018 Monthly Report

So it’s 2018 and Task Pigeon is coming up on one year since launch. In this monthly report I take some extra time to dissect the results and share more in-depth thoughts on where everything is currently at. Task Pigeon Website Traffic January 2018 No sugar coating this one. Website traffic took a big hit …

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To-Do, Doing, Done – Managing Tasks With Kanban Boards In Task Pigeon

One of the simplest and most effective ways to manage your tasks is with a simple three step process. Listing tasks as “to-do”, “doing” or “done” provides a very quick and clear way of evaluating your workload now and into the near future. To implement a task management system that utilizes the to-do, doing, done …

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I Didn’t “Choose” To Be A Startup Founder – Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

I didn’t “choose” to be a startup founder or entrepreneur. It is something I have always had (and wanted) to do. It may be hard for people who aren’t entrepreneurially inclined to understand but I have always known that being an entrepreneur was something within me. It wasn’t something I was taught. It wasn’t something …

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