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What Is Cross Functional Collaboration And How To Make It Work For Your Organisation

Cross functional collaboration is a process in which people from multiple teams or departments (i.e. sales, marketing, human resources, etc) within a company come together in order to work on a central project or task. Cross functional collaboration can happen organically within your organisation or can occur as part of a formal project or process …

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The Ugly Truth About Your Office’s Open Floor Plan

Offices with open floor plans are the new normal — it’s hard to find an office these days that has more traditional cubicles for each employee. This is because, for the longest time, open floor plans were marketed as a design that makes employees more efficient and productive. However, a recent study from the minds …

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Task Pigeon Releases Major Update As User Numbers Continue To Grow (Here the Founder Shares His Thoughts)

As a Bootstrapped and solo founder it can often be hard knowing when to pull the trigger on another major investment into your company or product. I faced that question a couple of months back when I took stock of where Task Pigeon was and where I wanted it to go. I was energized by …

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Why Non-Technical Startup Founders Should Learn To Code

There is no rule that says you need to be a technical founder to start a startup. In, fact there are plenty examples of successful non-technical startup founders. That said, if you are a non-technical founder, there is no reason why you shouldn’t learn to code. In fact, I am going to argue that learning …

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How To Manage The Blog Post Creation Process – From Having An Idea To Publishing & Promoting Your Post

Creating blog posts on a consistent basis is hard work. On the surface it looks easy. You pen anywhere from five hundred to a few thousand words, upload the article to WordPress (or another platform that powers your blog) and hit publish? If only it were that easy! Once you scale beyond a blog post …

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