11 Must Have Items In The Office Break Room

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A break room is necessary for any good company. Every employee needs to have the opportunity to have a break from work and relax for a bit. A break room should be a comfortable space where your employees can chat and recharge the batteries. The more satisfied your employees are, the more effective they will be. So, take a look at what items you should add to the break room:

1. Comfortable sitting

Tables and chairs are necessary for a break room. Tables are a piece of furniture where employees gather naturally and chat over coffee or lunch. Those conversations can be effective in matters of work, as many problems can be solved right there. So, make sure the chairs and tables are inviting and comfortable to inspire teamwork and bonding between the employees.

2. Include some artwork

Artwork often gets neglected in companies but that’s one way to make the break room different from the rest of the working space. Pleasant paintings or interesting and provoking artwork can make the break room stand out. When they enter the break room, your employee should feel like they have stepped out of the office. Use the paint colors on the walls and the artwork to let them know it’s a different kind of space, where they can decompress.

3. Memory foam bag chair

As comfort is the most important element of the break room, you can also consider adding a memory foam bag chair. It gives a sense of chill into the room and serves as an unconventional detail.

4. Cork notice board

A cork notice board is useful in any room. In the break room, it can be used for sharing social events, leaving funny or inspirational messages or posting bulletins for car sharing. 

5. Games

Games can relax and entertain a person in a matter of minutes. Different games work for different types of people, so make sure you offer various games to help the employees entertain themselves. Things like ping-pong tables, video games or darts are the simplest choices. They are the fastest way to unwind and forget about the daily stress, making the employees more productive after the break.

6. Free coffee and snacks

Your employees will feel appreciated and more connected to the organization if you offer them free perks like food and hot beverages. Little snacks can go a long way if they are healthy and tasty. And it goes without saying that many people are coffee lovers, so it’s best if you could offer them various types of coffee. Many companies offering coffee machines like Lavazza Bluepod deal with various types of coffee for everybody’s taste. By adding a coffee and vending machine into the break room will uplift the spirits immediately.

7. Full body massage chair

If you really want to spoil your employees, purchase a professional full body massage chair. Many employees spend hours sitting at the desk. Show them you appreciate their hard work by adding a massage chair into the break room. Just 5 minutes in this chair will relieve tension and help sore muscles.

8. Microwave oven

A clean microwave is a quick way for the employees to heat up their lunch. In case you don’t supply the employees with hot food, getting a microwave is the next best choice.

9. Plants

Spending 8 hours in a closed space can be frustrating. Plants are the simplest way of adding a touch of nature to the working space. Once your employees step into the break room, it will mean a lot to them to be surrounded by plants. Their color and shape relax us, making us feel we are outside, in the open. 

10. Alternative dairy products

In case some of your employees prefer other products as hot beverages, but are also health conscious or have problems with allergies, you could provide them with coconut or almond milk. There are other alternatives, too, like soy milk or cashew milk. The employees will appreciate the effort.

11. Chai

Chai is another option you could add to the break room. It has been very popular lately. Chai is a type of Indian tea, made by adding milk, sugar and cardamom spice to the tea leaves. It can be added to cocktails and lattes and can be a pleasant change when it comes to choices of beverages.

All in all

Every room in a company has its purpose, which means that you should make an effort to maximize the use and comfort of each one of them. The break room tends to be neglected by some business owners. Don’t make the same mistake thinking that a table and a couple of chairs are enough for your employees to relax. The harder you work to create a comfortable, relaxing break room, the more positive effect it will bring to the employees.


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