21 Small Business Ideas With Great Opportunity & Potential

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One of the best ways to achieve financial freedom is starting a small business. While starting a large business may have a lot of complications, there are plenty of small business ideas you can venture in without much investment. Some of the available small business ideas can be executed at home while others may need just a little bit more investment. With having a small business, there are always people out there who want to help you grow. Branding is very important to bring your company to life and increase the visibility for potential clients. A company like Atlanta SEO Works help businesses improve their online presence, both online and offline.

Whether you decide to start a small business at home or look to launch something larger it’s important to have an effective way to manage all the operations associated with your small business. Adopting a small business task management tool can help keep you on track and manage the many moving parts of your business.

Here are some great business ideas you can venture in:

AirBnB Host / Property Manager

airbnb host small business idea

AirBnB gives you an opportunity to be a property manager or a host. By being a host, you can simply list part of your house that you do not use as a rental for guests visiting your local area. Even if you only have a single extra room at home, you can turn it into regular income.
Alternatively, if you don’t want to list out part of your own home you can help manage other peoples listings on their behalf. This includes managing their bookings, greeting guests and organizing any cleaning or maintenance requirements. If you are looking to get started AirBnB have put together the ultimate guide on being a host.

Local Tour Guide

If you have time on your hands and enjoy traveling, establish yourself as a local tour guide. Create a website and use social media to help promote your services. Also, register as a Google local reviewer and write small reviews on every place you visit while advertising your services.

As a local tour guide you will be able to leverage your knowledge of your own town/city to give travellers a unique experience that they would otherwise not get from a large corporate travel group.

Craft Food Business

The food industry always seems to be overcrowded, but you can make more money with a little creativity. Integrate art with food, or create handmade items that you can’t buy at your local grocery store.

Depending on how large you want your small business to become you could sell your products at local markets, online or seek out retailers to sell wholesale to.

Home Styling Services

You do not need any special skills to start a home improvement business. As long as you have some taste for home interior and exterior designs and don’t mind a bit of hard work, you can start off slowly by offering the services in your local area.

You can focus on jobs that don’t require a professional trade such as mowing lawns, house cleaning and general small maintenance tasks that people always tend to put off.


Another great small business idea is to establish yourself as a professional gardener. Even if you don’t know a lot about gardening you can very quickly get up to speed with what plants are native to your local area and how to layout garden beds by completing online courses or attending workshops at your local nursery.

You can also create a small gardening business with a small investment in tools and then print business cards that you can distribute in your neighborhood. A website to advertise your small business can also help get clients phoning up and engaging your services.

Dog Walker & Pet Care

dog walker small business idea

Dog walking is one of the most viable businesses for anyone looking to make some money. In fact, you do not have to walk the dogs yourself. You can easily recruit dog walkers through classified ad sites such as Craigslist. Establish your portfolio as a dog walker and start advertising your services via social media, paid ads and physically through business cards.

Another small business idea in the pet care space is to offer other services such as dog washing and grooming. These are services people tend to book on a regular basis which will help you build up a list of repeat customers/clients.

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Selling Handmade Products

These days, people are crazy about handmade products. If you can make anything at home, be it clothes, shoes, necklaces or any piece of art, simply start a business that sells such products. Chose a niche for yourself and market your brand online through sites such as Etsy. Such a small business can grow into a six-figure sales business with proper management. Here’s a great beginners guide to learning how to sell on Etsy.

Freelance Social Media Manager

You can also become a freelance social media manager. This is a business you can do part-time or hire other freelancers to help when the work becomes overwhelming. Establish yourself as a social media manager by advertising your services on freelance sites such as UpWork or Freelancer.

Once you have a few clients under your belt you can also advertise your small business directly to new clients. Being able to find clients for your business without relying on Upwork or Freelancer will help you retain a larger percent of the money you charge.

Freelance Copywriter / Blog Writer

There are many Freelancing websites that give you the freedom to establish yourself as a writing expert. You can create your portfolio on freelancing sites and blog content websites such as UpWork, Blogmutt and so on. Make your profile attractive and start talking to multiple clients.

Becoming a freelance copywriter is a great small business idea for people who want to be able to work from home or have a natural passion for writing. As your skills improve so to does the rate you can charge per word or blog post.

Children’s Birthday Party Organizer

childrens birthday party planner small business idea

Many working parents are too busy to organize parties for their children. By establishing a business that organizes birthday parties, you help such parents fulfill their parenting duties while you make an income. You can start off by advertising your services in your local area and even engage venues where parties are normally held. Perhaps in doing so you can create a deal where they recommend your services and you in turn recommend their venue.

Wedding / Event Planner

If you have good planning and organizational skills try venturing into wedding and event planning. However, you should note that event planning is a task that requires skills and hard work (having an effective task management tool can help). Stepping up to manage weddings is a lot more demanding that a children’s party and often requires that you work weekends.

The benefit of launching a small business as a wedding planner though is that many brides to be will happily spend thousands of dollars to make sure their wedding day is perfect. If you can help them achieve that goal then you can create a lot of referral business.

Property Sourcing Agent

Becoming a property buyer or property sourcing agent can be a great small business opportunity. In many states/countries however you will need to get a real estate license, so it is best to check with your local government on any requirements first.

As a property buyer or sourcing agent you help people find their dream home. You start by understanding the needs of your clients and then take the hassle out of finding a property by doing it on their behalf. Once you have a shortlist you help them negotiate a deal on the property they wish to buy.

Interior Decorator / Property Styler

If you have a passion for design and love interior decorating then starting a small business as a property styler can be a great idea. As a property styler you may be engaged when a person is looking to sell their house and you help in making it look its very best. Other times your clients will want your help to transform their property, to update it with the latest styles and designs and make recommendations for contractors who can help them do the actual work.

Personal Shopper

personal shopper small business idea

Personal shoppers do the duty of visiting stores and delivering food and other household stuff to homes. You can register with personal shopping mobile apps where you get to meet many clients looking for shoppers.

If you are looking to grow this business however you want to go upmarket and aim to help people with higher disposable incomes save time and money by shopping for and sourcing the best deals across a wide range of products for them.

House Painter

Becoming a painter is often a trade you can do without a formal qualification or license in many states/countries. With a little training and an eye for detail you can easily start a house painting business.

You can use sites such as Craiglist to advertise your services or market directly to people in your neighborhood. As the amount of work you take on expands you can look to hire other painters to help complete larger jobs alongside you.

Car washing

Literally all you need to start a cash washing business is car cleaning products, a bucket or two and a desire to get out there and ask for business. A great place to start is in your neighborhood. You can go door to door and offer to clean peoples cars for a set fee. This makes it easy and convenient for your clients as you do it at their house, saving them the time and energy of having to drive to a car wash.

You can also look to book in clients on a regular schedule, perhaps washing their car every 2 or 3 weeks with a small discount built into your pricing for repeat customers.

Makeup Artist / Beauty Consultant

makeup artist small business idea

Have your friends or family often comments on how good your makeup looks? If so then this can be the perfect small business to start either from your home or as a mobile makeup artist that visits people in their house.

As a makeup artist you may also want to specialize in certain areas such as wedding makeup or for school formals. Doing so can help you charge a higher hourly rate as people want to ensure they look their very best.

eBay / Shopify Store

While eBay isn’t as popular as it once was, building an e-commerce business is still a common small business opportunity people pursue. Like any retailer you need to make sure you have a great product to sell and the ability to market it online.

Once you have found your niche and created your store you can use Facebook Ads to help drive initial traffic. Creating word of mouth and viral interest in your product can then help sales accelerate.

SEO Consultant

If you come from a marketing background and have a passion for content creation then building a small business as an SEO consultant may be something you want to consider. You could complete the best rank and rent courses, get qualified and start sharing your knowledge.

An SEO consultant, or Search Engine Optimisation Consultant, works with businesses to help optimize their online presence and ranking in search engines. Leveraging your experience you will help businesses improve their presence in search engines like Google. You may also advise on the technical aspects of SEO and provide ideas for new content they can create.

Here’s why businesses outsource SEO.

Party Rental Business

Providing party rentals is a business you can do either full time or part-time. As a result it is a great small business idea for people who hold down another job.

To start a party rental business its a good idea to focus on one niche to get started. For example large family birthdays. That way you can buy supplies such as chairs, tents and large tables that people are going to need to rent for these occasions.

Drone Photography

drone photography small business

If you are looking to start a small business that is a little more “tech” focused then providing drone photography may be an idea for you. Being able to competently fly a drone does take time so often this is work that people want to outsource to others. Typically drone photographers will sell their services for real estate listings, weddings and other large parties or events.

Starting a small business is often an exciting endeavor. Whether you choose to pursue one of the ideas above or another one of your choosing making sure you understand how you will make money, find customers and have the time required to support the business are also critical steps in getting started.

If you’re starting a small business, it would be appropriate to build event-driven applications that can gather data on your customers to help inform your business decisions. My friend was telling me about https://vantiq.com/ the other day and told me that he made use of their high-level platform that made the development process of their application significantly more efficient.

Often you can find small business advisory groups in your area or engage with other small business owners on Facebook or Linkedin for additional insight to help get you started.

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