The 30 in 30 Plan I Am Setting For My Startup

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Version 2 of Task Pigeon has arrived and I finally feel set free!

I have been waiting for this moment for some time now and am glad that we can start rolling out new features that are on our roadmap.

If you tune into my monthly reports, and in particular, the one’s covering June and July you would have seen that Task Pigeon has been treading water. Well, more like slowly taking on water.

It’s been a Catch 22 for me. I didn’t want to push hard on the marketing when I felt like the product needed improvement, but at the same time it was hard to see new user numbers and traffic dwindle.

As the Founder of the company however that is on me. And it’s time to right the ship!

That’s why I am embarking on a 30 in 30 plan.

A month long initiative to kick start Task Pigeon again and launch us towards future success coming into the back-end of 2017 and beyond.

The Goals:

The goals are simple, but ambitious. There is no point doing things bit by bit I need to see what can actually move the needle here.

Web Traffic

The 30 in 30 Plan I Am Setting For My Startup - Web Traffic

To get users, we first need to increase our traffic. Therefore;

Goal one is to write 30 blog posts in 30 days.

Inbound traffic though won’t just happen because I write more. I need to build backlinks and referrals from other sites. Therefore;

Goal two is to get 30 backlinks to Task Pigeon / The Task Pigeon Blog.

It is no secret that backlinks account for a large amount of the weight that search engine ranking algorithms give websites.

Cultivating links from other websites that point back to your own site can improve how your business turns up in searches.

However, having backlinks and writing more posts ultimately doesn’t matter unless traffic increases. So I’m setting up:

Goal three to be to get 30,000 unique visitors across our website and blog in 30 days.

This is an audacious goal. It will be hard! I might get the help of professionals like SEOJet to get me started, but that’s what I need to aim for, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Building a relationship

The 30 in 30 Plan I Am Setting For My Startup - Building a Relationship

Once I have traffic I need to build a stronger relationship with them.

One achieving this is to have potential customers “buy in” to my commitment to transparency and what we aim to achieve as a startup. I currently have a number of “newsletter groups” based on where and how people sign up for our blog. This needs to grow, so;

Goal four is to add 30 subscribers to my newsletter. Each Week for 30 days!

In addition to that I need to do a better job of showing the value Task Pigeon provides. It would be a bit too much to create 30 additional landing pages / sub pages in a month, so:

Goal five is to do 1/3rd that and create 10 new landing pages / sub pages around a specific keyword on the Task Pigeon site within 30 days

Increasing Users

The 30 in 30 Plan I Am Setting For My Startup - Increasing Users

With all this content and traffic the next focus has to be on conversion.

Initially this is just focused on users (either free or paid). While I would love to 30x in a month. That’s not realistic, so:

Goal six is to grow 30% week on week for the 30 day period

In reality this is quite a loft goal. But I would much rather aim high and see where I land than go with something more conservative or easily achievable.

Improved Engagement

The 30 in 30 Plan I Am Setting For My Startup - Engagement

Getting more people to sign up is nice. But engagement also needs to increase so I know that people are getting more and more value out of Task Pigeon. I’m going to stick with he 30% week on week growth rate and note:

Goal seven as growing user actions by 30% week on week for the 30 day period


The 30 in 30 Plan I Am Setting For My Startup - Sales

Finally all businesses need to generate revenue. While I have been fortunate enough to get sales of Task Pigeon from our Stack Social campaign, what I really want is monthly recurring revenue.

This makes it simple:

Goal eight is to get 30 paying customers (individual teams) in 30 days.

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