5 Tips To Reach Zero Inbox Each And Every Day

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There is no greater feeling in business than hitting zero inbox. Hitting the zero mark is incredibly satisfying. Not only because it means that you have managed to get everything that you need to do, done, but also because you don’t have to worry about opening it again to find a huge amount of emails to work through. Having an empty inbox is the equivalent of investing in coffee tables with storage so that you can keep your home tidy; it leaves you feeling refreshed and in control.

The trouble is, achieving the magic zero inbox isn’t always easy. But, we are here to help. We have put together 5 tips on how to make sure that you have a beautifully clear inbox each and every day.

Why not try them for yourself and see if they make a difference?

Zero Inbox Tip #1 – Read and complete emails when they come in

5 Tips To Reach Zero Inbox Each And Every Day - Work SmarterSome emails are going to be an easy read, or easy to get the task done. Recognising these emails, and tackling them as they arrive is a great way to get your email inbox looking nice and clear.

If you do find that they are taking longer, or you know it is a big task, mark them to do later and make sure that you time aside later in your day to work through that task properly and with your full focus. (Hint: A great place to organise these larger tasks is in Task Pigeon).

Zero Inbox Tip #2 Set reminders to prod yourself

Work is busy, and there is a good chance that things will pop up, meaning that you simply forget about those emails in your inbox.

This is why it makes sense to try your best to remind yourself what needs to be done. This can be a simple note in the diary for some. But for the more tech savvy, you could also use a reminder tool such as Boomerang to help to give you the nudge that you need, and hopefully hit zero inbox.

Zero Inbox Tip #3 Effectively store and sort all your emails

5 Tips To Reach Zero Inbox Each And Every Day - Sort Emails

A lot can be said for an email inbox that is neatly organised, with emails popped away in folders. If you are struggling to find emails, keep them tidy or simply have them in some logical order, then why not try making subfolders that make sense to you.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, if it helps you can make folders that show the priority of the emails inside. Ideas for names include “finish today”, “finish this week” or not urgent.

Zero Inbox Tip #4 Take yourself off of marketing lists

You will be surprised by how much your inbox can fill up when you are part of marketing lists. If you are finding it impossible to give it a clear, then maybe you need to think about removing yourself.

Only subscribe to the marketing lists that offer you actual value, and even then, if you notice the emails are becoming too much, then take yourself off. This is perhaps the most valuable tip to ensure you can hit zero inbox each and every day.

Zero Inbox Tip #5 Try and do it every day

5 Tips To Reach Zero Inbox Each And Every Day - Save Time

If you leave your email inbox for a couple of days, then you are going to have plenty of emails to work through. A simple way to make sure that you don’t have an inbox that is daunting is to schedule time each and every day to work through them.

This could even be split down into the morning and the afternoon. The second you turn it on, and the minutes before you turn it off.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you to find inspiration, and ideas on how to hit zero inbox each day.

Why not try them out for yourself and see what impact a little dedication to tidying can have!

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