8 Alternatives to Notion.so For Effective Task Management

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Notion is an all in one workshop tool that allows you to plan, collaborate and get organized. Within their workspace tool is a project and task management component that includes kanban boards, a calendar and list view option.

In addition to project management Notion provides a Knowledge base, notes and docs section and lightweight spreadsheet/database creator. As a result it is a bit of a “swiss army knife” but as many businesses have experienced in the past sometimes this all in one approach does not necessarily mean better.

In fact some recent reviews of Notion point out that the tool can almost provide too much flexibility which can make it hard to learn and use initially. Those who are operating within the construction, manufacturing, machining, and prototyping industries may well want to choose a tried and tested digital product to help them manage their projects across employees involved spread over multiple departments. Check out this article to learn more about such a solution – https://infoboard.biz/software/server-module/multisync-plantafel-synchronisation/.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Notion we have you covered. While Notion provides capabilities across task management, knowledge base, databases and note taking we will focus on list of alternatives on the task management aspect of their tool.

The Number One Alternative to Notion, Task Pigeon

If you are looking for an easy to use task management tool with a modern interface like Notion, then Task Pigeon is a great alternative.

Task Pigeon provides a highly intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to use for individuals and teams. This helps overcome some of the concerns that other users have expressed with the more complex navigation of Notion.

In addition Task Pigeon also supports a variety of task views such as Kanban Boards, List Views and Task Tiles, providing flexibility in how you create, track and manage tasks.

As a stand alone task management tool Task Pigeon also has other features that make it a great alternative to Notion. This includes the ability to create multiple categories to keep your tasks organised, including sub-categories, text and checklist style tasks, private tasks that can only be seen by the task creator and users assigned to it, as well as the ability to track and mark tasks that are in progress.

Like Notion Task Pigeon also has a free tier that is great for individuals and small teams. Unlike Notion however Task Pigeon doesn’t have a restriction on file upload limits making it appealing for teams who need to be able to share and collaborate on documents.

Alternatives to Notion – Basecamp

Basecamp - Monday.com Alternative

Basecamp almost reminds us of Notion, albeit from with a user interface and design that reflects its age as a task management tool originally designed 15 years ago.

Despite its less modern design Basecamp is a viable alternative to Notion and offers a stack of features that will make it appealing to teams. In particular, Basecamp offers in-team messaging and chat, to-do lists, schedules and file management just to name a few of their top features.

Basecamp does not provide a free tier like Notion, instead they adopt a method where there is a flat fee of $99 per team per month.

Favro, Another Alternative to Notion.so

Favro is another alternative to Notion and is positioned as a planning and collaboration app that aims to “lifts strategy and planning off the page and into action”.

Favro helps you and your team achieve this goal by providing a variety of task management views including a list/table view where you can create tasks and sub-tasks, a gantt or timeline view as well as the ability to drag and drop tasks across Kanban boards. As a result it has a number of additional task management features that users may find appealing when compared to Notion.

Compared to Notion, Favro has some additional advanced features that include burn down charts to predict timeframes, the ability to include estimates, time reporting and custom fields.

Favro does not have a free tier and instead prices start at $34 per month for a team of up to 5 users when billed annually in advance.

Kambanchi Is A Kanban Based Alternative to Notion

Kambanchi is a bit of a different alternative to Notion compared to some of the other tools we have looked at. Why? Well Kanbanchi is a kanban based project management tool that integrates natively into G Suite.

As a result it will only work as an alternative to Notion for users who a) want to use a Kanban board approach for task management and b) utilise Gsuite as well.

Where it does standout however is with its ability manage time tracking for tasks and export to Google Sheets. Therefore if you are already ingrained in the Google ecosystem then Kambanchi could be for you.

On the pricing front Kanbanchi starts at $7.95 per user, per month when paid annually in advance. Some of their more premium features do however require you to upgrade from the starter tier to the professional tier at $19.97 per user, per month when billed annually in advance.

Notion.so Alternatives – Monday.com

Monday.com, which was previously called Dapulse, provides a task management application built on the idea that everything should be accessible from a central dashboard.

As an alternative to Notion, Monday, may be attractive to some teams as it supports multiple views including timeline views, calendar views and Kanban boards. It is therefore better suited to larger or more complex tasks that Notion and manages to achieve this without needing to embrace a complex design or layout.

Monday also allows you to create custom fields and columns which goes some way to replacing the database/spreadsheet style approach also available in Notion.

Monday.com does not have a free tier and pricing starts at $25 a month for a team of up to 5 users when paid annually.

Nutcache, Another Alternative to Notion

Nutcache is a Notion alternative that you may not previously have heard of. Nutcache is designed to bring the best of agile to your businesses workflow management and does this through their visual project planning tool called Agile Planner.

Nutcache also provides Kanban Boards and a calendar view for effective time tracking. Finally, similarly to the use of a invoice template example, there is built in invoicing and expense tracking functionality as well. This sets it apart from Notion and may appear to teams who run agencies or consulting type businesses were invoicing and expensive tracking at the project level are important. Being able to create invoices online from wherever you are is really useful. Some people prefer to use a dedicated tool for business invoicing but it depends on your workflow.

Unlike Notion there is no free plan for Nutcache and pricing instead starts at $10 per month for a team of up to 6 users on their Pro plan.

TaskWorld – A Comprehensive Alternative To Notion

Taskworld aims to introduce your team to a visual way of tracking work, sharing ideas and measuring performance.

As an alternative to Notion, it achieves this by providing a variety of features including project management, time tracking, file management and team messaging. As a result it could be considered a more robust tool than Notion and one that is suited to teams with larger or more multi-faceted projects.

Some standout features in Taskworld include the ability to create recurring tasks, tag tasks and easily keep track of activity and updates made to the task.

Taskworld does not provide a free tier and their pricing starts at $10.99 per user, per month.

Zenkit A Minimalist Alternative to Notion

Zenkit embraces a minimalist design like Notion and can be appealing for individuals and teams who don’t want to clutter their digital work environment with complex design or navigation options.

As an alternative to Notion one area where Zenkit is different is in their recognition that different tools suit different tasks. As a result they provide a variety of task views including a list view, board view, calendar view and mind mapping functionality.

Zenkit also aids users with file sharing. However, when you compare it to some of the features of Digital Pigeon, for example, you realise that there are probably better alternatives out there when it comes to sending and receiving files. Nonetheless, in addition to this, Zenkit has features such as activity tracking, the ability to create recurring and checklist based tasks and the ability to create templates.

Kenkit also provides a free plan for teams of up to 5 users, with 5 workspaces and therefore is comparable to the free plan offered by Notion. After this, their paid tier starts at $9 per user, per month.


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