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Despite being named after the worst day of the week, is a visually pleasing task management tool that enables individuals and teams to plan, organize and track tasks in one collaborative space. which was also previously known as Dapulse has one primary view that is a cross between a list and a table. This makes it easy to add new tasks, assign the task to a person, set a due date and categorize what you are working on.

While has certainly achieved good reviews for their product design from a functional perspective it does fall short as your team expands beyond a few people. As a result you may want to consider looking for an alternative to

In fact one of the main reasons users cite for seeking out an alternative to is their pricing structure and the upfront cost of the tool. For example, even if you only have a single user in your team the cheapest monthly plan available on their website is currently $39 USD per month.

In addition, while has a visually pleasing interface some users have remarked that it can be confusing to get started with the software and that as the number of tasks assigned to each board increases the software can be slow to respond.

So if you have used and are now looking for an alternative here are some other task management tools to consider.

Task Pigeon, The Number One Alternative To

Task Pigeon - Alternative

If you like a visually pleasing task management tool you will find Task Pigeon an ideal alternative to Unlike Task Pigeon also provides a greater degree of flexibility for you and your team with multiple ways to view and display tasks. For example you can view tasks as “tiles”, in a list view similar to or on Kanban Boards.

Unlike, Task Pigeon, also has a 100% free tier that makes it easy to get started and drive value out of the tool without ever having to pay. Compared to, Task Pigeon also does not lock core features within their paid tier. You have full access to everything you need to create, assign, manage and view tasks.

One other area where Task Pigeon stands out as a strong alternative relates to how intuitive it is to use. In fact you can add tasks or switch views with a single click from anywhere within the tool.

Other features that make Task Pigeon stand out as an ideal alternative to Monday include:

Trello, An Alternative To

Trello - alternative

Trello is a task management tool that focuses heavily on the use of Kanban boards to help organise your tasks. Like, Trello makes it easy to add new tasks without having to leave the main interface. In fact, you can add a new card (Trello’s word for task) at the bottom of any board.

For users seeking an alternative to, Trello is an ideal tool if you prefer to organise your tasks via Kanban boards. Unlike, Task Pigeon, Trello does now include multiple boards by default, but you can use their “power up” feature to allocate additional tools/integrations to your work space. One such powerful is the calendar view.

Where stands out as an alternative to is on its ability to easily integrate with other tools. In particular, tools such as Jira and Slack can be integrated effortlessly. Trello is also an ideal alternative to if you are seeking a free task management tool.

Asana, A Alternative

Asana - alternative

Asana is a project management tool that provides aims to facilitate both team collaboration and communication. As an enterprise project management tool Asana provides additional levels of hierarchy for users to navigate.

In Asana, a user first creates a project and then assigns tasks to that project. This makes it an ideal alternative where you need a more comprehensive project management solution. This provides functionality which is in some ways similar to the boards concept available within

Like, Asana also has an inbox system which delivers you notifications associated with new task updates and comments.

So why would you consider Asana as an alternative to The major difference between Asana and again comes down to the fact that Asana has a free tier. Like Task Pigeon, Asana also offers multiple project views. It would also suit organisations who like creating separate projects that house individuals tasks.

Use ClickUp As An Alternative To

Clickup - Alternative

ClickUp is another task management tool that supports multiple views. It is designed to be intuitive, easy to use and not just for trained project managers.

It achieves this goal, in part, by providing a number of alternative views. In particular, Clickup provides an agile view specifically meant for the SCRUM methodology, a table view and a box view. As a result it provides a more comprehensive suit of tools compared to

Some other stand out features of Clickup including the ability to create recurring tasks and the in-built notepad to creating quick notes. Perhaps one of its biggest advantages as a alternative is the fact that it also has a generous free plan.

Wrike, An Alternative To

Wrike - Alternative

Wrike is cloud-based software for managing various projects. Like the tool, this is a visual tool which guarantees full visibility and fast comprehension on the progress of different projects. The tool allows you to organize project requirements and visualize schedules on a Gantt chart.

If you need to make any changes to a project, the tool automatically sends notifications to all the associated team members. The tool also has custom report builders.

Wrike is therefore an ideal alternative to for organisations who require a more robust project management system. In particular, the ability to create Gantt charts is a standout feature in this regard.

Is Zenkit An Alternative To

Zenkit - Alternative

Zenkit is a diverse collaboration tool that can be used for both work and personal tasks. At work, you can use it to share out tasks, track the progress and generally ensure good work flow. Personally, you can use it to plan work outs, parties, recipes or even holidays.

Zenkit’s main point of difference compared to is the large number of alternative views available in the app. For example Zenkit supports list views, kanban boards, tables, mindmaps and a calendar view. This degree of flexibility means that Zenkit is an ideal alternative to for teams who don’t want to be constrained to viewing tasks just one way.

In addition, and like a number of other alternatives, Zenkit offers a free plan that may be of interest.

Notion, An Alternative To

Notion - Alternative

Notion is a great tool for managing tasks and projects. It has numerous invaluable features such as a knowledge base, spread sheets and task and project management. The Source of Truth is a feature on the app that allows for immediate and useful feedback on various tasks.

As a result Notion positions itself as an all in one work space for teams which provides a strong point of difference to Compared to the interface some users may find the design a little bare and not quite as visually pleasing, although this is largely a personal preference.

Redbooth, Yet Another Alternative To

Redbooth - Alternative

Redbooth allows you to manage your projects with ease. This tool is also one of the best competitors owing to its great communication features. In particular, the HD Video meeting feature sets it apart from other collaboration tools. Organizing your projects is also easy and you can arrange them in whichever format you please, whether you prefer to use boards or lists.

Like Wrike, Redbooth also supports Gantt charts which may suit teams who have more robust project management requirements. Similar to however, Redbooth does not have a free tier and therefore may not suite more budget conscious organisations.

Basecamp, The Final Alternative To

Basecamp - Alternative

Basecamp is one of the original task management tools on the market. Like it does not have a free tier but its pricing structure makes it much more affordable for larger teams.

Basecamp offers all of the core functionality you have come to know and expect in task management tools. In provides an easy and intuitive way to assign tasks, add details about the task and keep team members informed of projects you assigned to them.

One area where Basecamp is often seem to fall behind other tools is on the design front with the overall look and feel coming across as more dated. That said, Basecamp is an ideal alternative to for teams who don’t mind paying for software but don’t feel they can justify the higher cost of In fact, Basecamp is just $99 per month regardless of your team size.

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