Top 9 Alternatives to Clickup Task & Project Management Tool

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Clickup is a project management solution that has positioned itself as a clean and clear project management tool that allows you to choose all the features you want, while hiding the rest.

It is designed to be a central productivity platform for you and your team and includes a number of popular features such as the ability to assign comments, schedule tasks, and multiple ways of viewing tasks. It tends to work in a similar fashion to various other pmo software such as pmo365, and similar others that are readily available in both trial and paid versions.

In addition it supports a variety of task views, the ability to update tasks statuses and support for a variety of time tracking and scheduling features. All of which make Clickup a strong contender in the task management space.

However, despite starting out as a straight-forward project management tool for some users Clickup has become a little bloated, with one user in particular noting that “there are too many ways to use the software (which is actually a drawback)”.

Users may also see challenges when navigating the interface with some reviews expressing frustration at the number of clicks it takes to view and act of information contained in the dashboard and tasks.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Clickup that is actually straight-forward and easy to use you might want to consider some of the following.

Task Pigeon – The Number One Alternative to Clickup

Task Pigeon - Alternative

If you enjoy the clean interface of Clickup and are seeking a task management solution that is simple to use and easy to manage then Task Pigeon is the number one alternative to consider.

Task Pigeon provides a central task management dashboard that allows you to quickly and easily view and filter tasks that are assigned to you or members of your team. Like Clickup, Task Pigeon also offers a number of displays including task tile views, list views and the ability to display tasks using Kanban Boards.

Unlike Clickup, Task Pigeon also makes it easy to navigate to any task or category of tasks in a single click, no matter where you are currently located in your dashboard.

With Task Pigeon you will also find a host of features that make it easy to create, assign and manage your tasks. For example using sub-categories makes breaking down larger projects into its sub-components easy to manage. You can also keep tasks private with the private category or private task option.

As an alternative to Clickup, Task Pigeon also stands out with its 100% free tier that is available for teams with up to five users, ability to respond to new tasks and comments directly from your inbox and ease of use. – A Clickup Alternative To Consider, previously known as Dapluse, is another clickup alternative worthy of consideration.

Like Clickup, has a visually pleasing interface with a variety of views to display projects and tasks. In particular, they have a table view that you can customize to meet the needs of your organisation, as well as templates on everything from managing marketing campaigns to product sprints.

As an alternative to Clickup, also supports features such as time tracking and user reporting, however it does come at a cost with no free tier available. Instead their pricing starts at $29 USD per month for up to 5 users.

Asana – A Free Alternative To Clickup

Asana - Clickup Alternative

Asana is a project and task management tool with the ability to display tasks in a variety of ways, including on Kanban Boards, as lists and across project timelines and is therefore another worthy alternative to Clickup.

Asana also supports the ability to create “templates” for repeatable tasks and built in integrations to 100+ tools including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

Asana also works as a Clickup alternative for organizations who manage more complex projects and want additional levels of customization within their project management tool of choice, but this does come at a cost with their paid plan starting at $9.99 per user, as opposed to $5 for Clickup.

ProofHub – Looking For An Full Feature Alternative To Clickup?

ProofHub - Clickup Alternative

If you are looking for a full feature alternative to Clickup then ProofHub could be an option for you.

Like Clickup, ProofHub supports a variety of project views including Gantt charts and also allows for time tracking, discussions and chat. For Managers ProofHub also provides detailed reports allowing you to track and manage the status of projects.

Unlike Clickup, ProofHub does not charge per user. The starting price for the software is $45 a month, when billed annually, and this allows you to manage up to 40 projects. For unlimited projects you need to upgrade to their ultimate tier which is $89 a month when billed annually.

As a result it does fall short of being the ideal alternative to Clickup for teams who are looking for a free task management solution. But its full set of features may appeal to more enterprise grade clients. For gaining a better perspective about the needs and wants of the business and the tools important for it to grow, ERP consulting might prove to be beneficial for the ones looking to get the software to improve business.

Notion – A Minimalist Alternative To Clickup

Notion - Clickup Alternative

Notion provides a central work space to plan, organize and collaborate on tasks within your team. It works well as an alternative to Clickup’s task management tool, especially if you prefer a more minimalist look and feel.

Central to Notion is their task management board which allows you to group tasks by status and easily see what is up next and currently in progress across your team.

For organizations that like to keep things contained within a central environment Notion also provides a knowledge base, section for creating notes and documents, as well as spreadsheets and databases. This is one area where Notion differentiates itself from Clickup.

Like Clickup however, Notion also has a 100% free tier, with paid plans starting at $8 per user, per month for teams with more than one member.

Is Zoho Projects An Alternative To Clickup?

Zoho Projects Clickup Alternative

Zoho Projects is one of a number of productivity and business management tools offered by Zoho. It allows you to plan your project activities, assign work, manage resources and collaborate with your team to ensure the work gets done.

Zoho Projects comes with Gantt charts with four dependency types, time tracking and bug/issue tracking via integrations with Github and Bitbucket. As a result does appear to be geared more to users in the software industry on face value but is still a viable alternative to Clickup for general users.

Unlike Clickup there is no free tier and pricing for Zoho Projects is dependent on the number of users/projects you wish to manage. For company’s just getting started the standard plan allows for 10 projects and up to 15 users for $20 per month when paid annually in advance.

Use TeamWeek As An Alternative To Clickup?

TeamWeek Clickup Alternative

Teamweek is a project management and planning tool with a strong focus on managing project timelines. In particular Teamwork projects has a feature to zoom in on your teams for the week, month, quarter or year. This is one area where Teamweek stands out as an alternative to Clickup.

Teamweek also provides Gantt charts and the ability to share project timelines amongst your team in a visually pleasing environment. As a result it has a lot of the features you will find in Clickup, albeit with a slant towards longer term, multi-step projects.

Teamweek provides a 14 day free trial of their premium plan as well as a free tier for teams of less than 5. Their paid plan then starts at $39 per month for teams of up to 10 making in comparable to the paid plans offered by Clickup for teams of this size.

Freedcamp – Another Alternative To Clickup?

Freedcamp - Clickup Alternative

Freedcamp is a team collaboration tool that supports task lists, kanban boards and Gantt charts, much like Clickup. It also supports CRM functionality, project timelines and invoices and therefore will appeal to users looking for an alternative to Clickup with this functionality.

To help you and your team move away from sending countless emails Freedcamp has a social wall feature and discussion boards to centralize communication.

Freedcamp does provide a free tier with reduced functionality. Their paid plan starts at $1.49 per month for the “minimalist” tier. For business users their plan is $7.49 per user, per month when paid annually in advance.

10,000 ft – Another Alternative To Clickup To Consider?

10,000ft Clickup Alternative

10,000ft is simple and powerful software to easily plan, execute, and course correct projects on-time and on-budget with timely, accurate data from your team.

It provides a high level resource management and project planning tool that predominately uses a calendar based view, as a result not all users will find it suitable as an alternative to Clickup.

Moving out of the calendar view does allow you to then drill down into individual projects and their associated categories and subtasks. As a result it is well suited to tasks/projects with multiple layers.

On the pricing front 10,000ft has a 30 day free trial and then starts at $150 per month. It is therefore potentially a more expensive option for small teams but could be more cost effective for larger scale clients.


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