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There are so many ways that businesses try and promote themselves, one thing that they might use is selling Custom Water bottles with their logo on. This is a great way for people to see your business, it’s the same thing as a Starbucks coffee cup, you see the logo and you want to go to Starbucks. Even if people don’t know what your business is, they might ask or look you up. This is a simple way to get people to know your business, but it’s not the only way. As well as promotional events, for which you should take a look at Promotion Choice balloons, Content Marketing is one of the go-to marketing strategies for any company operating in a business-to-business based market, with 91% of B2B marketers using content marketing, just ask clickslice who are always the first to know industry news such as the latest algorithm update.

Consumer focused companies and marketplaces are also increasingly getting on the content marketing bandwagon and 78% of CMO’s see custom content as the future of marketing.

So why is Content Marketing such an effective source of lead generation and brand awareness for these organisations? Well, according to a report by Demand Metric content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 x as many leads!

Anyone in business knows that if something costs less, but generates a larger return, then its a win-win situation that cannot be ignored.

The one downside with content marketing is however that it’s time consuming! Thinking of topics, writing content, sourcing images and uploading content all takes time. And when you are a busy startup founder, or even a marketer in a larger organisation, spending 3 or 4 hours on a single blog post isn’t always the best use of your time.

Last week we introduced Marketplace by Task Pigeon, a key part of our strategy ensure that Task Pigeon isn’t just an environment for logging tasks, but also for making sure they are completed.

In this post I am going to run through how you can use Marketplace by Task Pigeon to create an effective content marketing calendar on a monthly basis for a minimal investment of time and money.

Step One – Keyword Research – $12

You may already have a bunch of ideas for content that can be produced for your website. But let’s say you don’t. How can you go from zero content ideas to a bunch in only an hour or two? A similar idea surrounds any startup business who are yet to create a website. To make the first steps, finding a platform that is best to create your website is a must, alongside looking into a canadian web hosting (if you live in this country) to help get your blog up and running. Marketing can make such a difference to your business, no matter if you are new or established.

With Marketplace by Task Pigeon you can hire a Virtual Assistant for as little as 1 hour. This should be more than enough time to generate some in-depth keyword research that can guide your content marketing calendar for the month ahead.

Once confirming your order you want to provide your VA with the following information:

  1. A link to your website and blog
  2. A link to your top 3 – 5 competitors
  3. Any particular focus for your blog. For example say your blog focuses on productivity.

Your VA will then conduct keyword research and draw up a list of keywords that can be worth targeting with your content given their level of competition and amount of users searching for those particular terms.

Step Two – The Content

Let’s continue with our productivity example and assume that out of the large list of keywords generated by your VA you pick out the following as being both interesting for your readers and easy to frame an article around:

  • Productivity Apps
  • Business Productivity
  • Productivity issues
  • Increasing productivity
  • Motivation and productivity

With these keywords it is very easy to turn them into subject lines for your content marketing strategy over the next month or so. For example:

  • Productivity Apps = Can be an article on “The Latest Productivity Apps Launched in 2018”
  • Business Productivity = Can be an article on “How Changes To Workplace Culture Affect Business Productivity”
  • Productivity issues = Can be an article on “Productivity Issues In The Workplace: Steps To Get Your Team Back On Track”
  • Increasing productivity = Can be an article on “How Increasing Productivity Is Better Than Just Hiring More Staff”
  • Motivation and productivity = Can be an article on “How To Motivation and Productivity Are Linked In The Workplace”

In literally 2 minutes you now have five blog post titles!

But, you still don’t have the time to write the content yourself. That’s where Marketplace by Task Pigeon again steps in.

500 Word blog Post Articles – $50 each

When creating a content marketing strategy it is important to mix the length and depth of your content up. Always be testing new ideas, new styles of blog posts and find what resonates with your audience.

Out of our five articles we are going to create 2 x 500 word articles on:

  • The Latest Productivity Apps Launched in 2018
  • How Increasing Productivity Is Better Than Just Hiring More Staff

You already have 50% of what you need to outsource this task. The next step is to add the 500 Word Blog Post tasks to your cart and provide a small amount of additional information.

We already have the keyword and subject line. The only other item you need to provide is a general outline of a sentence or two. For example you might want to say that for the “How Increasing Productivity Is Better Than Just Hiring More Staff” article that you want the article to cover how hiring staff is a major cost for businesses in terms of both time and money. Yet if the business instead focused on lifting productivity of their 10 staff by 10% that would effectively be the same as hiring 1 new person.

And there you have it. Everything you need in 5 minutes of less for the blog post to be taken care of by our team of pre-vetted freelancers.

750 Word Blog Posts – $75 each

To mix things up you might select 2 of the blog posts to be more in-depth and increase the word count to 750 words. These blog posts cost only $75 each, so for $150 you can have another 2 pieces of high quality content prepared for you.

For our 750 word blog posts we are going to select the following articles:

  • How Changes To Workplace Culture Affect Business Productivity
  • Productivity Issues In The Workplace: Steps To Get Your Team Back On Track

You then replicate the step above and provide some general outline for the article. If you prefer you can also provide a list of sub-headings that you wish the writer to include. For example for the article “How Changes To Workplace Culture Affect Business Productivity” you may want to include the following subheadings:

  • What Is Workplace Culture
  • Good Workplace Culture vs Bad Workplace Culture
  • What Leads To A Company Culture Turning Bad
  • How Bad Culture Affects The Productivity of Your Staff

1,000 Word Blog Post – $100

Finally, we are going to have one larger article each month. As a result we opt for the 1,000 word blog post task available on Marketplace by Task Pigeon for only $100.

The subject we have chosen to have a 1,000 word article written on is “How To Motivation and Productivity Are Linked In The Workplace”. When ordering the article you again provide the following information:

  • Subject line
  • Keyword
  • Summary
  • Sub Headings required (optional)

Step Three – Sourcing Images & Publishing To Your Blog – $24

This last step may be something you choose to do yourself.

You have the written content and all that is required now is for it to be uploaded and scheduled for publication on your blog. That said, for only 1 to 2 hours work, or $24 you can have this taken care of as well.

For this task we have opted to use our 2 hour Virtual Assistant package. Step one will be for them to utilize either a stockphoto site you have a subscription to, such as iStockPhoto, or a royalty free stock photo site such as Pexels or Pixabay to source a number of images for each article.

Once the images are sourced they can then be provided with an author level access to upload the articles and format them correctly on your blog. This is especially easy if you use blog platforms such as WordPress, SquareSpace or Wix, etc.

The VA will then place all the images in the article and save it as a draft for you to review. All you then need to do is approve each post to be published on the timeline you set and there you have it, a whole months worth of content for a minimal investment of time and money on your part.


In this example we have utilized a number of services on Marketplace by Task Pigeon and also had a number of blog posts created. You can of course dial this up or down to meet your own individual requirements. I.e. Perhaps you only have one blog written a month, or prefer to upload the articles yourself.

With outsourcing everything however we ended up with utilizing the following services:

  • 1 x Hour Virtual Assistant for our inital keyword research (cost of $12)
  • 2 x 500 Word Blog Post Tasks (total cost of $100)
  • 2 x 750 Word Blog Post Tasks (total cost of $150)
  • 1 x 1,000 Word Blog Post Task (cost of $100)
  • 2 x Hours Virtual Assistant for sourcing photos and uploading articles ($24)

As a result our monthly cost for outsourcing our entire content marketing requirements was only $386 significantly less than if we had to hire and pay a staff member to perform this work directly!

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