The Best Task Management Apps For 2019

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Kicking off a new year always brings with it a renewed sense of optimism and productivity.

But in order to maintain that productivity and proactively keep on top of your workload, whether it be professionally or personally, you need to find a system that works for you.

Depending on your own personality, work habits and type of employment, that could include tracking your day on a calendar, planning out the year in a journal or more commonly looking for a task management tool to help plan and manage the day to day activities of you (and your team).

So as we enter 2019 we thought we would turn our attention and look at the best task management apps for 2019.

Task Pigeon – One Of The Best Task Management Apps For 2019

Task Pigeon - Alternative

One of the biggest hurdles to productivity and sticking to your goals is getting bogged down in the “administrative hassle” of managing what you actually have to do.

Unlike many other task management tools with complex navigation, multiple layers to the user interface and long on-boarding times, Task Pigeon makes task management simple.

However don’t let the simplicity of the design fool you, Task Pigeon has a host of features for both individuals and teams. This includes the ability to view tasks on multiple “dashboards” including a task tile view, list view and kanban board view.

Task Pigeon also lets you easily assign tasks, mark tasks as private, add guest users with view only access and respond to task updates direct from your email.

Furthermore some of our more advanced features include sub-categories to make organizing your task easier, recurring tasks that allow you to re-create tasks on a schedule you choose, as well as private categories to help restrict who can view and interact with specific tasks.

Like any good task management app in 2019 Task Pigeon provides a 100% free tier that grants access to all the core features you and your team will need. Their paid plan unlocks additional features and provides additional functionality for larger teams.

Trello – A Well-Known & Trusts Task Management App

Trello - alternative

Trello is one of the original task management apps on the market. But despite being “one of the old gang” Trello still makes an appearance in our top task management apps for 2019.

Trello is a task management tool that primarily uses the Kanban board approach to displaying and managing tasks. They do however have the option to add a calendar view as one of their “power ups”.

The staying power of Trello is evident in its easy of use and wide variety of integrations which may suit users who have a number of applications they wish to integrate into their workflow.

For larger organisations and teams however managing multiple projects can become a little more complex than other applications. For small teams or individuals Trello does however offer a free tier which should suit most peoples requirements.

Asana – Moving Towards The Enterprise But A Top Task Management App For 2019

Asana - alternative

Asana was originally built by a handful of engineers as a task management tool at Facebook before becoming its own company.

Initially Asana focused their product road map and marketing efforts across the board, allowing it to easily gain market share in businesses of all sizes.

More recent product and pricing decisions do suggest a shift upmarket to a platform that caters more to larger businesses or enterprise based solutions.

That said the level of product support available and wide variety of features make Asana a great choice for a task management application in 2019, especially if you have more detailed projects to manage and want the ability to provide more granular details and insight into tasks.

Like Trello and Task Pigeon before it Asana also has a free tier making it easy for you to get started.

Clickup – A Fast Growing App And One Of The Best For 2019

Clickup might not be a task management application you have heard a lot about. But it is growing and fast.

Clickup has managed to penetrate the market with a free tier and low cost paid plan. They also aim to “be everything for everyone” which a may or may suit you and your team. While on face value more features can be beneficial there is the risk of it adding unnecessary complexity.

Some of the key features that stand out with Clickup is its multiple task views, ability to assign comments to individual and time tracking capabilities. It also offers Gantt charts which can make Clickup a good task management app for managing larger projects, with multiple steps or sub tasks in 2019.

If Clickup doesn’t quite meet your needs and you are looking for a wider range of alternatives you like like to check out our post on the Top 9 Clickup Alternatives here. – No Free Tier But Still A Top Task Management App For 2019

Unlike the other tools we have profiled above does not include an ongoing free plan. Despite that we found it worth of inclusion because of its visually pleasing user interface and ability to customize certain aspects of the interface without introducing unnecessary complexity.

While the lack of a free tier may be a turn off for some if you are open to paying for a task management tool then you should include in the mix. Some of the core features you will find in Monday include the ability to easily track project time lines, update task progress and add custom columns that suit the individual needs of you and your business.

On the pricing from Monday’s paid plan starts at $25 per month for a team of five users when billed annually. This plan does however not include the map view, calendar view and host of other features that you are likely to find useful. For that you will be looking at $39 per month.

If the visual interface and customisation options of Monday don’t suit your needs and you are looking for a wider list of alternatives, we have recently detailed the Top 9 Alternatives To here.

Well, that wraps up our list of the best task management tools for 2019. Out of the short list of five tools, including Task Pigeon, Trello, Asana, Clickup and Monday we believe there is a tool in their that will fit most, if not all teams out there. So dive in. Take a look. And enjoy 2019!


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