Burning $7k A Month, Revenue Numbers & User Stats – June 2017 Report

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It’s hard to believe another month has already passed since I released our May 2017 figures!

After a tough couple of weeks though, where I have had to deal with switching development teams, Task Pigeon is well and truly back on track.

In fact, today is the day I get my hands on the new and improved V2 of Task Pigeon. After some further internal testing we will then push it to our production server for our customers to enjoy!

Website Traffic – June 2017

Task Pigeon - Website Traffic - June

  • Total sessions decreased from 1,411 to 1,305.
  • Users decreased from 1,117 to 945.
  • Pageviews dropped from 2,164 to 2,023.

It’s not ideal, and there is no point making excuses but we are essentially in a holding pattern until we can get the new version of Task Pigeon out the door.

Our StackSocial campaign has for all intents and purposes concluded now, so accounting for that traffic was essentially flat for the month.

Blog Traffic – June 2017

Task Pigeon - Blog Traffic - June

Blog traffic also declined. Total sessions decreased from 1,904 to 1,746, and while users were up slightly from 1,387 to 1,428, pageviews also decreased by 1,000.

Our bounce rate also took a hit and blew out to 85.57%.

Revenue – June 2017

Task Pigeon - Revenue - June

Our StackSocial campaign has essentially concluded. We are still getting a trickle of revenue and managed to pull in $470.30 USD in June.

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It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!

Expenditure – June 2017

Task Pigeon - Expenditure - June

As promised in last month’s report I also wanted to start sharing our expenditure.

There was a big step up in costs as I was forced to bring on a new team and right the ship. The majority of costs have gone into software development / rewriting the application.

In June this represented $6,900.64 in expenditure.

Total expenditure for the month came in at 7,288.46, so besides development costs I am able to run a fairly lean ship!

User Numbers – June 2017

Task Pigeon - User Numbers - June

With a decrease in traffic also came a decrease in new users. This came down to 141 in June.

Monthly active users was relatively flat at 114, compared to 128 last month.

What Next For Task Pigeon?

As I mention above I largely feel like I have been in a holding pattern with Task Pigeon while we ironed out the V2 and made some significant product improvements.

Once the new version is released to the public I will switch gears and double down on the marketing to drive user growth.

With the new and improved platform we will get a much better understanding of user engagement and where we need to continue to refine and improve the product moving forward.

Try Task Pigeon Today!

It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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