How Changing Your Environment Affects Your Productivity

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Businesses are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve productivity in the workplace.

Granted, there’s a number of things employees can do in order to improve their productivity levels, such as getting the right amount of sleep, having a healthy, energetic breakfast and using relaxation techniques to deal with daily stresses.

But, what most business owners don’t realize is that office setup and work environment play a crucial role in the performance of their employees.

While there isn’t a single solution applicable to every environment, there are some factors that are common when it comes to improving effectivity and performance in the workplace.

Lighting conditions

How Changing Your Environment Affects Your Productivity - Lighting

The quality of light in the workplace greatly influences employee productivity. A study has shown that workers who experience natural daylight during work are likely to be healthier and retain and regulate their mood better.

Workers placed near large windows that provided them with an abundance of natural light have reported getting an additional 46 minutes of sleep a night and feeling more energized during work-hours.

Natural light is also known to have a rather big impact on our metabolism and as such, can be crucial when it comes to regulating how our bodies use and store food.

In case you don’t have the option of increasing natural light, consider getting desk light-boxes and increasing light intensity overhead. You may also want to look into the likes of custom lighting options that can be custom manufactured to suit your office space and decor, you might think about looking at innovative or odd lighting fixtures that could increase the mood of employees by adding to the atmosphere of the office.

Choice of colors

How Changing Your Environment Affects Your Productivity - Color

There are numerous studies which explain in great detail the way colors and color patterns influence overall mood and productivity.

One of the more recent ones has linked bland, dull colors such as beige, grey and white actually induce the feelings of depression and sadness, particularly with the female test group. Men, on the other hand, have experienced similar gloomy feelings with orange and purple workspaces.

The study has found that colors with low wavelengths such as blue and green actually improve focus and efficiency and increase productivity.

Yellow has proven itself to be ideal for creative work, such as designing, developing, writing, etc.

Office layout and ergonomic

How Changing Your Environment Affects Your Productivity - Office Space

Another very important productivity factor is, of course, the design and layout of the office space.

Make sure that the most commonly used items are placed according to the teams and departments using them. Having people walk across the entire office every time they want to use a copier machine is simply a reflection of poor office arrangement.

Avoid this at all costs and, if you feel that it is necessary, hire and office designer to help you incorporate the various office elements and furniture.

Most business owners stuff their offices with furniture in an effort to accommodate their workers only to overstuff it and clog the office space. When it comes to ergonomic, make sure you have seats that are beneficial for the form and keep the back straight. This keeps the alertness levels high and boosts productivity.

Additionally, you can get ergonomic keyboards and mouse pads, as well as monitors with adjustable stands. That way you are certain that all of your workers will be comfortable working regardless of their differences in size and stature, and as such, be more prolific and efficient. While we’re on the topic of the office’s layout and overall presentation, having a clean work environment can make such a difference to productivity. Just by simply cleaning up after yourself or use office cleaning services, this can make for a better work environment. It’s all about creating a space that people are happy to work in.

Changing offices

How Changing Your Environment Affects Your Productivity - Changing Offices

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners start out small, generally in their home offices, garages or shared office spaces. As the business grows larger and larger, these office spaces simply become too small, inefficient and impractical, no matter how hard you try to reimagine the space.

If that’s the case, then you might want to consider finding a better office at a new location that will accommodate you and your workers appropriately. You might want to take a look at some london offices that are available for rent if you are interested in changing office space. This often involves physically moving furniture and office supplies, which is something you should never burden your workers with. A bigger workplace means new equipment! From chairs like the ones you can see here and larger desks, to computers and TVs, these would be something worth investing in, especially as this could all help boost productivity.

It is far more efficient both productivity and cost-wise to find hire reliable and affordable removalists and avoid burdening your employees with doing anything else besides their job.

These are just some of the tips you can use to keep your workers happy and increase their productivity. Whether it’s a bad color scheme, poor lighting conditions, inadequate office space management or simply a poor choice of office space, there are many factors you need to consider if you wish to improve your company’s efficiency.

This might end up being a sizable investment, but have in mind that you are investing in your employee’s wellbeing and ensuring that every part of your company is as productive as possible.



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