How to be a Charismatic Leader – Five Steps To Make It Happen!

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Charismatic leaders inspire and motivate.

They captivate a room.

And command attention.

(Often at the expense of others who have more skill or expertise in a particular area.)

And while it may seem that charismatic leaders are born, not made, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Anyone can be a charismatic leader.

If they understand this.

A charismatic leader is just someone who has learned to command certain personality traits. And then uses those traits to their advantage.

At the core of every charismatic leader is someone who understands empathy. Has the ability to relate to all people. And can communicate effectively. Whether in groups large or small.

To command these core characteristics of a charismatic leader you should look to:

Be a Charismatic Leader – Build a Genuine Connection

Be a Charismatic Leader – Build a Genuine Connection

Charismatic leaders know they are not the most important person in the conversation.

You have to relate to your audience.

No matter their background, age or profession.

As a leader you are used to providing quick answers and fixing problems. That is not what your audience wants right now!

What they want…

Is to be heard.

A charismatic leader will take the time to listen to their audience, understand their concern and take personal ownership of it.

Be a Charismatic Leader – Show Empathy & Emotion

A charismatic leader understands the role emotion plays in communication and relationship building.

Words can only take you so far.

You have to relate to your audience as individuals. And sympathise with the circumstances in which they find themselves.

A charismatic leader understands the role emotion plays in communication

Understanding their situation is one thing.

Showing concern is another.

This is what separates leaders who lead with authority, from those who can lead because they have the backing of their people.

Be a Charismatic Leader – Lead with Optimism

Be a Charismatic Leader – Lead with Optimism

Charismatic leaders make you believe in what they are saying.

Even if the odds of success seem stacked against them.

Whether you believe it yourself or not, the message you provide to your audience must always be one of optimism.

No mountain is too tall.

No stretch of water too far.

If you lead with a convincing message and can articulate a plan (no matter how hard) to get there, your audience will trust you.

Be a Charismatic Leader – Empower Others

Everyone wants to feel as though they can make a difference.

Charismatic leaders provide people with the ability to do so.

Building people up. Not breaking them down, creates trust, loyalty and a belief in your ability to lead.

They often know they are not the smartest person in the room.

Or the most experienced.

And even if they were, they wouldn’t want to be.

They would rather pass the power to the people and give them the opportunity to lead and manage in their own right.

Building people up. Not breaking them down, creates trust, loyalty and a belief in your ability to lead.

Be a Charismatic Leader – Have a Strong Commitment

Be a Charismatic Leader – Have a Strong Commitment

Have a strong commitment to whatever it is you want to achieve.

Your audience wants certainty. And credibility.

If you are not committed to the message you portray and what you want to achieve, how can they be committed to you as a leader.

Not only that, but having a strong commitment coveys authority, a sense of belief and a deep passion for the cause.

This is what’s required to have other people buy into your mission.

And once they have that sense of ownership.

Once they believe in you as a leader.

And see clearly where you are going.

They will back you time and time again.

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