How & Why To Give A Company Wide Pep Talk

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Are your employees losing focus in their job? Is your business performance deteriorating?

As an employer, there may come a time where you have to sit down and have a serious chat with your staff. Even if the business is going well, things can occur that warrant you giving a company wide pep talk.

Company pep talks are often used to get the company back on track, improve employee morale and focus staff on key goals.

If you find yourself needing to give a company wide pep talk to your employees, here are some guidelines to get you started:

Understand Why You Need To Give A Company Pep Talk

How & Why To Give A Company Wide Pep Talk - Why You Need TO Give A Pep Talk

Before giving a pep talk, clearly define and understand the reasons for the talk. You have one shot at making sure you articulate the message clearly, so this shouldn’t be something you come up with on the spot. Common issues that can lead to the need for a company wide talk include:

  • Your business is making frequent (or increasingly large) losses.
  • Your employees are not performing to the same standard that they used to.
  • Employees have lost trust in the organization.
  • There is a poor relationship between staff and management.

Whatever your reason for the talk is, it should be conducted in a convenient place, with the right people and at the right time. You must also be bold and confident. This will help your audience take note of what you are saying and believe in the vision you outline to get the company past this challenge.

Start With The Positives In Your Pep Talk

How & Why To Give A Company Wide Pep Talk - Start With Positives

When giving a pep talk, start by outlining the achievements that the staff has made so far. This helps remind everyone that even though the company may be going through a tough patch it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Examples of positive things happening in the company that you could highlight in your pep talk include, highlighting:

  • The top achievers and their contributions to the organization.
  • Employees who have sacrificed to make the organization what it is today.
  • The disciplined members who have shown loyalty to the organization in the past and helped get it out of a tough spot previously.

When employees are praised in front of their colleagues, they feel valued and it increase their self-esteem.

Outlining The Challenges In Your Company Wide Talk

While giving a pep talk, you also have to acknowledge the reality. Know where you stand and the challenges you face as an organization.

It is better to be frank and honest and outline exactly where you are not performing as expected instead of trying to skirt around the issue. If possible you should outline the root cause of the challenges you have and what management plan to do about that.

During this stage of your pep talk you should not get personal or appeared biased. You should also avoid blaming any particular person or group in the situation. What is done, is done, and the company must look to the future not the past if it is going to improve.

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Provide Solutions To The Challenges / Problems

How & Why To Give A Company Wide Pep Talk - Why You Need TO Give A Pep Talk - vision

As the CEO or a senior leader within the organisation it is on you to provide a clear strategy forward for the company. You must however balance this by ensuring that your audience (and employees) are not merely told what to do, but buy into the vision themselves.

You should outline that why you have determined that this is the appropriate way forward but also invite employees to take ownership within their role/department and be vocal about the issue, and any ideas they have to improve performance. Ideally you want to foster cross functional collaboration to ensure you get appropriate insight from all areas of the business.

The solutions you and your employees ultimately come up with depend on the situation or issue you are trying to address. Some common solutions to issues organisations face include:

  • Refocusing the company on its core product or service
  • Shutting down or minimising operations of loss making enterprises
  • Making change to the organisation structure or senior management team
  • Creating a clearer set of goals and priorities
  • Implementing new staff training and retention programs.
  • Empowering staff to take more ownership of their role / department through incentive programs and bonus structures

Be Part Of The Change

How & Why To Give A Company Wide Pep Talk - Why You Need TO Give A Pep Talk - Be Part Of The Change

In order to obtain the change you want to see in your company you need to be a role model in the organisation.

When you motivate employees by leading from the front, and embodying the change you seek, you stand a greater chance that they will follow your path.

You need to maintain your passion for the role and company and be quick to correct any situations that are not going well. As employees take on the challenges you outlines you need to commend the people who perform better and overcome the obstacles. Where staff continue to lag you need to provide support and guidance to ensure they can get on track.

It Has To Be An Ongoing Process

After giving the talk, you should follow up with your employees and keep them engaged. Merely giving a company wide pep talk, walking off the stand and then forgetting about it will never lead to positive change. It may in fact worsen the situation.

As a CEO or senior manager you need to focus on selling the vision time and time again, encourage staff and work to ensure they trust and believe in the future direction of the company. Ultimately, those who believe in what you are trying to achieve are going to be more productive and make better decisions for the organization.

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