Consistent Growth – The May (And June) Monthly Report

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The theme for the last two months has been consistent. Consistency in the growth of user numbers, consistency in the growth of engagement, and consistency in my understanding of what we need to do next to keep things heading up and to the right. Every website, blog, etc. wants to keep growing and bring in as much traffic as possible, this is why resources that can be found at are very beneficial for these types of outcomes.

In this report I am looking at what happened in both May and June. Time flies so quick, I can’t believe I didn’t get round to covering the May data earlier.

In addition to the continuing improvement in user metrics I have been pleased with the ad-hoc insight I am gaining from my users. I touched on this previously in my post on data and analytics, but one of the stand out things for me in recent weeks has been the size and quality of companies signing up to Task Pigeon.

In particular, we have just had a $1bn UK listed company sign up fifteen users and have seen other teams sign up from large and well known tech companies. These things continue to give me confidence in Task Pigeon and solidify the steps I will be taking next to lift it up yet another notch.

Growth In Sign Ups – May/June 2018

We track sign ups from Admin Users (first team member) and the invited users (each additional team member) separately.

What the above chart highlights is that we have had five months of consistent growth here and continue to attract new individuals and teams to Task Pigeon each day.

If we then turn our attention to invited sign ups, that is team members of the original sign ups shown in the graph above, things are even more promising.

Last month invited sign ups increase by 119%, highlight that the teams we attracted in June are on-boarding more users when they sign up (increasing the average team size).

New Sign Ups Each Month

When we combine these two figures (admin sign ups + invited sign ups) to get the total number of sign ups each month we see what the overall progress looks like.

Last month (June) total sign ups increase 50%, the month before (May) 13%. Our four month average growth rate in new sign ups is 80%, albeit with April coming off a lower base.

Sign ups do of course not pay the bills, so let’s now turn our attention to engaged users. I do this by looking at two particular metrics, users who viewed tasks and users who created tasks.

The first metric I will look at is the number of task views each month. I track task views because in a team environment there is a proportion of people who may never create a task (i.e. their manager may create all their tasks).

In this instance we can see that in June there was a 36% increase in users viewing tasks. In fact, over the four month period our growth rate here has averaged 24%.

People who view tasks are however only one part of the story. We need to see users create tasks (and more of them).

Between April and May the number of users creating tasks jumped from 88 to 105. This again increased in June to 142, a growth rate of 35% for the month.

Just as importantly, we can see that the number of new tasks created also increased significantly, up from 558 back in April to more than 800 in June.

But what does this actually translate to in revenue?

Revenue – May/June 2018

Back in April we had dropped to one paying team. But things have certainly turned around since then. Not only has that team increased their spend by 33% per month by adding an additional user but we have had significant interest from a number of new (and much larger teams).

We have just signed up a $1bn UK listed company with 15 users, and they have opted to pay for 3 months in advance. This will increase our MRR $171 USD per month.

On the Marketplace by Task Pigeon front it continues to act as a point of difference for Task Pigeon and generate interest. Most recently we have run a trial for a finance firm that may lead to a repeat contract for our copy writing service.

A key focus here is to develop a case study that we can then use to highlight the value of this offering and drive further interest in Marketplace by Task Pigeon.

Web Traffic – May 2018

Web Traffic – June 2018

Obviously all these additional users have had to come from somewhere and on that front we have had two solid months of growth in our web traffic.

Our traffic in May jumped 22% to just under 3,000 visits, and again increased in June by 28% to hit 3,852 views. Importantly, Unique Page views also increased in line with this showing that we are attracting new visitors to Task Pigeon each month.

Blog Traffic – May 2018

The Task Pigeon blog had a monster month in May! Our website traffic increased by 57.29% and hit over 7,742 views, our largest page view count since I started blogging way back at the start of this journey.

Our top post for the month was one we wrote on leadership strategy back in October of last year.

Blog Traffic – June 2018

During June we had a period where our Google Analytics was knocked offline up an update to the site and it didn’t collect data for a three day period.

After such a solid month in May it was going to be hard to back it up so traffic was unfortunately down slightly. Besides this one metric everything else has been extremely positive for the past two months.

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