Cutting Burn & Saying Goodbye To 2017 – The December Monthly Report

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And 2017 comes to an end.

It’s crazy how fast a year can go and despite the ups and downs I look back on 2017 with some good memories. Coming into 2017 I had never built or launched a software focused company or application. And despite all the nay-sayers who say non-tech people have no place launching software companies I managed to achieve that goal.

Since our launching our MVP not everything has gone 100% to plan, but I put my head down, worked through the issues and came out the other end in a much stronger position.

I’m very pleased with where the application is at currently and really see it as providing a solid foundation for what comes next.

Of course one always hopes to sell more licenses, have more users, grow faster, etc but I’ll keep grinding and can see the stairs that we will climb in the near horizon.

Pulling your focus into December itself here’s what happened with our traffic, revenue, expenditure and user numbers.

Task Pigeon Web Traffic – December 2017


Web traffic for Task Pigeon was down in December with a drop off occurring after the 22nd of the month as people began to break for the Christmas/New Year holiday period. Prior to that point web traffic had been consistent with the past months performance.

Since the end of December we have launched our brand new website which features a much more refined and sleeker design. This is all part of our ongoing efforts to improve all aspects of the user experience at Task Pigeon and also coincides with our recent SEO push that has seen Task Pigeon build a number of backlinks via guest posts in:

Task Pigeon Blog Traffic – December 2017


Despite the holiday period we had a very good month for our blog’s traffic. Page views and unique page views were up over 11 and 12% respectively. In addition, average time on page increased as well.

Looking closer at what resonated with our audience this month the post I wrote on the lessons Freelancer Founder Matt Barrie shared at Startcon about how not to get screwed in a VC financing round was the stand out performer. Another post I wrote on how I think about monthly burn also proved popular.

More surprising than both of these however is a post I wrote on different management styles and their associated effect on employee motivation and productivity. I wrote this post back in May 2017 and despite there being no ongoing promotion of this post it is our third most popular article for the month.

Task Pigeon Monthly Recurring Revenue – December 2017

Task Pigeon Monthly Revenue December 2017-min

Monthly Recurring Revenue didn’t grow as much as one would hope. We had one team add an addition user which saw our MRR increase from $207 to $216 USD.

Other revenue was $307.48 for a total of $523.48 USD for the month. This equates to approximately $660 AUD.

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Task Pigeon Monthly Expenditure – December 2017


Expenditure came in at just $1,126.04 for the month, despite work still being made on the Task Pigeon application and increased focus on SEO and marketing outreach activities.

As a result Net Burn for the month was under $500 for the month.

If you read my last monthly report you would have seen a follow up post that came out shortly after where I talked about how I think about monthly burn at Task Pigeon. One thing that had popped up in a comment or two was that my burn was uncontrollable or too high.

As our outlined in my monthly burn article I am very comfortable with the level of burn and investment I am making and continuing to make in Task Pigeon. And while I didn’t go into December with the intention of cutting burn I think this months showcases that if I chose to I can significantly cut spending at a moments notice and still keep thinks ticking over.

That said, I expect expenditure to increase again in January as I have a couple of key priorities that I want to tick off at the start of the year and that is going to require some level of investment.

Task Pigeon Monthly Active Users – December 2017


Monthly Active Users is stubbornly stuck around the 120 – 140 range with this month coming in at 128. It would be natural to expect some drop off towards the end of the month/year but I have no doubt that I need to keep growing this figure.

Final thoughts – December 2017

In my last monthly update I highlighted a number of initiatives that I wanted to get underway. I’m pleased to report that these are now completed and/or well in progress.

  • Our new website has been launched
  • We have a new marketing plan that we are rolling out and executing on
  • I have finalised an improved strategy for user onboarding and we are working on some integration work to make this a priority
  • We have successfully secured a number of guest post opportunities
  • And took a number of significant steps to help in other areas of SEO as well.

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It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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