To-Do, Doing, Done – Managing Tasks With Kanban Boards In Task Pigeon

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***We have released an updated version of our Kanban Board functionality. Here’s what it looks like***

One of the simplest and most effective ways to manage your tasks is with a simple three step process. Listing tasks as “to-do”, “doing” or “done” provides a very quick and clear way of evaluating your workload now and into the near future.

To implement a task management system that utilizes the to-do, doing, done approach people often turn to Kanban Boards.

For those not familiar with Kanban Boards it is essentially a way to visualise tasks. Typically a Kanban Board will include a number of columns with a heading/category. As tasks progress through the workflow they move from one board to another.

In this example the three columns on our Kanban Board would be: To-do, Doing and Done.

Set Up Your Kanban Board

If you are looking to utilize this approach to task management in Task Pigeon it is very easy to get started.

Step One:

First of all you want to create the three individual categories of to-do, doing and done.

You can do this by clicking on the “Create New Category” link in the left hand menu.

Step Two:

Once You have each of your categories created you want to change the display view of Task Pigeon from the “task tile view” to the Kanban Board view.

You can do this by clicking on the Kanban Board icon that is shown in the bottom centre part of the screen.

Step Three:

Now that you have the Kanban Board view showing you will see that you have an option at the top of each board to “Select Board Name”.

Moving from left to right you want to assign one board to display each of the following categories; to-do, doing done.

Step Four:

Now that you have your board established it’s time to put it to use.

Anytime you need to add a new task to Task Pigeon you should assign it to the “to-do” category. This of this board as the “data dump” section of your workflow program.

It should contain all of the things that you need to work on as they come to mind. With Task Pigeon one of the other benefits is that you can re-order tasks on any of the Kanban Board columns so that you can order them in priority and/or move tasks up or down your list of things to do

Step Five:

When you start working on a new task simply drag and drop from the “to-do” column to the doing column.

Not only does this help you keep track of tasks that you are currently engaged on but it helps inform your team members of what you are working on and how much you have on your plate.

Finally, as tasks are completed they are moved from the doing to the done column. I recommend you keep tasks in the done column for between 3 and 5 days depending on the cadence of work your team is used to.

This allows everyone to see that the task has been completed. Following this you should open the task and mark it as complete to clear it from your board. You can still view these tasks by going to the “Completed Tasks Dashboard” on the left hand menu.

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