The Fear of Failure & Our November 2017 Monthly Report

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It’s crazy to think that 2017 is coming to an end! What a year!

At Task Pigeon we managed to launch our Beta, got featured on Product Hunt (first page all day), secure our first paying customers and started generating recurring revenue. But it hasn’t all been easy!

I have faced fears, struggled with some challenges and had to find a new development team to take Task Pigeon forward.

Despite all these twists and turns I exit the year knowing we have had more ups, than downs and can see a huge amount of potential for Task Pigeon. Just this week I spoke with three separate people (two via email, one on the phone) so said they “love” Task Pigeon.

It’s moments like these that I live for. Things can suck, but having someone pay for your product or say that they love using it is like getting a big bear hug from your closest friend. It makes everything seem better.

I do however still have fears and challenges ahead and that’s something I wanted to share in today’s post before I get into all the facts and figures for the month.

In fact I think the position I am in is now more nerve wracking than before we had revenue or customers. I can see that we have come so far in the past 12 months (the last 6 in particular) and a bright future ahead. But getting here has required investment in time, energy and money.

I have bundles of time and energy left and enough money to keep Task Pigeon going as it is, but I can see how we can 10x the product experience by tweaking things and adding new features. We never want to lose the simplicity of Task Pigeon so this isn’t about a wholesale pivot or change of direction, it’s about executing on the long term vision I have for the company.

The reason why it’s more nerve wracking now than ever before is because there are people who love Task Pigeon. Not only do I not want to disappoint our existing customers but it’s a race to get Task Pigeon into the hands of money people than ever before. If I can do that quick enough then development (and the addition of new features) won’t have to slow.

Overall this is a positive space to be in, but knowing this doesn’t make it any easier because I have such high expectations for where I want to be and what Task Pigeon can become.

Okay, with that out of the way let’s dive into some of the numbers:

Task Pigeon Web Traffic November 2017

Task Pigeon Website Traffic For November Monthly Report 2017

Web traffic to Task Pigeon was down slightly for the month. There was one less day, and my blogging hasn’t been as active (it’s getting a reboot in 2018) so there is an impact from that.

It really isn’t where we (nor any startup want to be though), we want to see everything going up and to the right, including web traffic.

We are tackling this problem as we speak. We have started to increase our guest posting efforts and are slowing building backlinks to help with our Search Engine Optimisation. If we don’t see an increase in our organic rankings, we’ll have to look into outsourcing some of our SEO efforts to an agency like the Cardinal Digital Marketing, a Charlotte SEO company.

We also did a comprehensive technical SEO review of our website and have made a number of fixes, with a couple more on the way as we gear up to launch the new version of our landing page.

Task Pigeon Blog Traffic November 2017

Task Pigeon Blog Traffic For November Monthly Report 2017

Blog traffic took a dive. The amount of content I have been producing has certainly reduced and there is a reason for that.

As I previously mentioned I find 20% of my content drives 80% of the traffic. As a result I don’t merely want to create content for the sake of creating content. I’ve also found that most digital marketing agencies similar to boutique digital media recommend having quality content on your site as it is better than having lots of rubbish and meaningless content, which is why I’m taking my time with it.

In addition to this my most popular content is my blogs on building Task Pigeon and a transparent startup. This is great as I do want to share my journey, but the question I need to ask is does this also drive leads to Task Pigeon itself?

I was recently speaking with Matt Trustman who is an adviser to early stage startups and based on his feedback I will be creating a new sub-landing page to articulate how startups can use Task Pigeon. It seems natural that if a lot of startups read my blog, then I might as well try and create a landing page towards them and try and get them using the tool.

If that words out it will give me an in, into understanding how blog posts translate to relevant web traffic and hopefully sales and sign ups. From there I can replicate that process on my other categories such such as Marketing, HR and Sales.

Task Pigeon Revenue November 2017

Task Pigeon Revenue November 2017

Monthly Recurring Revenue was up 27.78%, albeit off a low base, and came from the addition of a new team of 5 paying users. Total MRR was $207 USD.

We now have 23 paying users, up from 18, which is also growth of more than 21%. Again, it is off a low base.

Other revenue clocked in at $683.02 USD, which was a big jump 213% compared to last month’s result of 218.05 USD.

Task Pigeon Expenditure November 2017

Task Pigeon Expenditure November 2017-min

If you have followed my monthly reports for a while then you would know that expenditure can be quite variable for Task Pigeon.

I outsource software development and have a fantastic team I work alongside. This allows me to dial up or dial down the amount of work put into Task Pigeon each month depending on our product roadmap and if there are any bugs that need to be crushed.

In November expenditure came in at: $4,353.94

Task Pigeon Monthly Active Users November 2017

Task Pigeon Monthly Active Users November 2017

Monthly recurring users was essentially the same and came in at 134. There was an error with our tracking in the first week where you can see the number essentially dropped to 0. I’m not 100% sure what happened to here, but Woopra didn’t pick up any of our user data during this period.

Unfortunately actions did decrease to 438, from 504.

Looking Forward

The year is almost to an end and I am prepping for a big 2018. I have a number of key initiatives I need to finalise between now and then. Namely:

  • Launching our new website/landing pages
  • Creating a new content marketing plan
  • Working out our future strategy around onboarding and email marketing
  • Improving outreach activities for guest posting
  • Continuing our efforts to improve on the SEO front

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