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Feeling Unproductive? Here Are 5 Tips To Boost Your Productivity At Work

When you are at work, you are there to work. Which means that you really need to find your focus and get on with the tasks at hand. It can sometimes be hard to be productive at work, especially when there are so many different distractions around you. However, with some careful thought it is possible to manage high levels of productivity, each and every day.

To help you on your way, we have put together our top tips for maximising your productivity at work.

Be realistic about what you can achieve

5 Tips To Boost Your Productivity At Work - Be Realistic About What You Can AchieveThere is a good chance that you will know what you need to do on a weekly basis, but the trouble with that is that you can sometimes become overwhelmed. Especially if you find that your to do list is in the double digits. Spend a little bit of time each morning setting out what you will get done that day, and be realistic. Setting yourself too much to do can leave you feeling despondent when you don’t get there, and this won’t have a good impact on your productivity.

Have a power hour

Do you find that you spend a large amount of your day worrying about a task that you really don’t enjoy doing?

Rather than worrying about it, wasting time, why not create a power hour. This is a certain time of day that you set aside to tackle tasks that you don’t particularly enjoy doing. That way, you won’t worry about when you will do it, and you won’t be able to put it off either.

Reboot yourself

5 Tips To Boost Your Productivity At Work - RebootIt is thought that the average person has an attention span of around 25 to 45 minutes, this depends on you and the time of day. This is why you should plan to take a five minute reboot every half an hour. All you need to do is step away from the screen, grab a drink, take a little walk, anything that moves you away from your computer and refreshes your focus.

One process you can use to do this is the Pomodoro Technique.

Have a daily huddle

Do you find that you waste time at work having extra long weekly meetings, or trawling through emails that could take 2 minutes to explain in person? A good idea is to organise a daily huddle, these only need to be a few minutes and are designed to improve team communication. Not only does it make other meetings quicker, but it can also cut down on internal email traffic.

Clean up your desk

5 Tips To Boost Your Productivity At Work - Clean Your DeskA messy desk can be a real distraction, having an impact on how well you are able to work. Instead of sitting in the middle of a mess, take 5 minutes to clean up your desk. Not only will it work wonders for your concentration, but it will also give you a break away from the screen too!

So, now you know the secret to improving your productivity at work, why not try some of these ideas out for yourself? You may be surprised by just how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it. And if you manage a remote team you might also be interest in this post on boosting productivity for team members who work remotely.

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