How To Find Time To Exercise As A CEO

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As the CEO of a startup (Task Pigeon) who manages a small team of three even I struggle to find time to exercise as a CEO. I can’t image how much harder it must be if you are a CEO in charge of hundreds or thousands of employees.

In order to get my own fitness back on track I took a look at how I could find time to exercise as a CEO and put together a short list of tips below.

As we all know getting sufficient exercise is part of ensuring you have a healthy work/life balance. So whether you decide to take up sports like tennis, basketball or airsoft games, finding anyway to exercise or get outdoors is beneficial to your health.
Plus numerous studies have shown that exercise improves productivity, creativity, memory and a number of other functions you will call on each day as a CEO.

How To Find Time To Exercise As A CEO – The Tips!

How To Find Time To Exercise As A CEO - Set Aside Time In Your Diary

Set Aside Time In Your Diary

Whether you manage your own calendar or have an Executive Assistant who does it for you make sure you block out some time to exercise. If you lock in 1-2 hours to exercise two to three times a week as if it is a meeting then you won’t have other things pop into your schedule for these times. If you are exercising more, then you need to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Why not check out a site like to give you a better idea of how you can drink pure water more frequently.

Combine Your Commute With Exercise

Sometimes formal exercise isn’t enough, or you just struggle to fit in that run or gym session. As a result a good fallback is to make sure you combine your commute with some exercise. Sure you might not break into a full of sweat, but every little bit helps. Even if it just means getting some fresh air before sitting down at your desk all day, it’s still vital to your health. A lot of people seem to be using some of the very best electric scooters for commuting, they ensure that you get to work on time whilst still getting some fresh air. That option might be ideal if you live in an urban area or if your workplace is too far away to walk. Here are some other things that you can do:

  • Walk or ride a bike into work; or if its too far:
  • Take a bus or other form of public transport and hop off a few stops earlier than normal. Walk the rest of the way to work and enjoy some fresh air while you do it.
  • If you drive you can always park your car a couple of blocks away and walk to the office from there too.

Incorporate Exercise Into Your Everyday Life

In addition to adding a little extra exercise as you walk into work you can also look to incorporate exercise into other everyday activities. As a CEO you probably have a bunch of meetings, so while you walk from one to another take the stairs rather than the lift.

How To Find Time To Exercise As A CEO - Incorporate Exercise Into Everyday Life

Another good tip is to utilise walking meetings. If it is just you and two or three other people who need to discuss something why not get some fresh air while you do it. Sure this would suit every meeting time, but if its a fairly informal catch up amongst staff then I’m sure they will appreciate this more than sitting in an office.

Utilise Your Lunch Break To Exercise

The biggest barrier to exercising as a CEO is time. And while not all CEO’s take a lunch break, you can afford to do it once or twice a week. To get the most out of this time bring your gym bag and a change of clothes to work. Find a gym that is nearby or even just head to a park or open space and get thirty or forty minutes of exercise it. Also, enjoy your downtime at home, remember being a CEO is a stressful job so making sure you have a set sleeping schedule is just as helpful as your exercise. Anything can result in a poor sleeping pattern, from you using your tablet or laptop in bed, to having a mattress that is no longer comfortable. These are fixes that are easy to change, for example, try not using any devices thirty minutes before you go to bed, and change your mattress by finding a better mattress from somewhere like Leesa that helps to promote a better quality of sleep.

Implement Bootcamp Programs At Your Company

If you are really struggling for time and motivation to exercise as a CEO then perhaps consider making it a perk at your company! You could organise for a Personal Trainer to run morning bootcamps two or three times a week for all staff.

Not only will this mean that you get to exercise at your place of work but being amongst staff should help spur on a little bit of competition and keep you motivated.

How To Find Time To Exercise As A CEO - Its All About Balance

As you can see from the above, to find time to exercise as a CEO its all about balance and making the best out of the time you have available. While you might not be able to prepare for an iron man you should at least be able to maintain or improve your overall fitness and conditioning by taking on board some of the times above.

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