Finding​ ​Powerful​ ​Productivity​ ​Apps

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Ever found that one productivity app that blows you away?

Or even a chrome extension that fixes everything?

I’m sure we all have, respective of our industries, we tend to find a resource that helps us get more done in our day and we cherish this resource as if it was a gift from the above.

Finding reliable productivity applications isn’t overly complicated but considering the application that meets all of your needs is tougher. Once you’ve been able to highlight your problem and find the application that fixes it, life gets a lot easier.

There is a host of ways you can do this. One of the most efficient is speaking to others about their problems and what resources they’ve been able to use. A lot of issues have been solved in my productivity due to this tactic, speaking to individuals and learning what resources they used to counter similar problems I was facing.

Another more controllable method is to take finding the resource into your own hands, using sites, blogs, and YouTube content to hunt for the application that suits you, very similar to this blog post.

On my ventures reviewing lots of productivity apps on YouTube, I’ve discovered a few hidden gems that have helped me to boost my productivity.

In this article I wanted to uncover a few of these, to share with you what has worked for me in my daily routine and productivity.

Newton – Supercharged Email

Finding​ ​Powerful​ ​Productivity​ ​Apps Newton

There are lots of benefits to having a powerful email app, one of those is being able to use advanced tools within email like schedule email, undo email, read receipts and more. Newton is one of the most compelling email apps out there.

Available on MacOS, iOS, Android and now Windows, Newton delivers a pretty advanced experience with all of these features and more. It also has a beautifully designed user interface.

Instapaper – Save Anything

Finding​ ​Powerful​ ​Productivity​ ​Apps Instapaper

One of my biggest weaknesses is reading articles in my day. So I installed Instapaper to help solve that issue. Instapaper helps me clip and save articles, links and videos to watch later with a simple chrome extension and app.

Instapaper provides a smooth experience perfecting for catching up with all those unread articles offline and online wherever you are.

Evernote – Get Organised

Finding​ ​Powerful​ ​Productivity​ ​Apps Evernote

Are you one for disorganization?

Evernote is a great way to start clipping meeting notes, organizing agenda, planning your projects or even using it as a revision tool. Evernote has a broad range of tools within it that are perfect for all situations.

This full range of tools provides an ideal way to start saving your ideas, plans and creates an easy reference tool for when you’re trying to remember all that information.

Let us know in the comments what three productivity applications you find most effective for getting things done. We’d love to hear and add to our list!

*Disclosure: I work with the team at Newton, I joined the marketing team after being a hardcore user of their service falling in love with the design and functions.

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About Author

Francesco D'Alessio

Francesco is the Marketing Manager at Newton Mail, a company he joined after becoming a "Super Fan" of their product. Francesco also runs the popular "Keep Productive" Youtube channel where he releases weekly videos focusing on productivity apps for iOS, Android, Mac and the web.