Getting Started With Task Pigeon: Creating Guest Users

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Recently in our Getting Started With Task Pigeon Series, we looked at how to create private categories and sub-categories, as well as the process for creating private tasks.

Each of these options has the ability to restrict who can see and interact with tasks, giving you and your team greater control over your workspace and the tasks that you share with the team.

In addition, Task Pigeon allows you to create Guest Users. Guest Users are restricted to seeing and interacting only with the tasks that they are assigned to. As a result, it is another way of restricting task visibility, this time however it is applied at the individual team member level, rather than a task or category level.

Restrictions of Guest Users

Guest Users have restricted permissions within your account. Guest Users can only:

  • See and interact with the tasks that they are assigned to.
  • Therefore they can only comment on tasks that they are assigned to.
  • They cannot create a new task or a new category themselves.

In addition, it is worth noting that Guest Users can see the names of categories in the left-hand menu. So if even if a Guest User has no task assigned to them they could still see the category names (i.e. Marketing). If you don’t want a Guest User to see the category name(s) then you also need to mark that category as private.

How To Create A Guest User In Task Pigeon

The ability to change user permissions is restricted to the Account/Team Admin.

If you do not have admin privileges within your Task Pigeon account then you will need to ask your admin to make these changes for you.

As account Admin when you click your profile image in the top right-hand corner you will see a drop-down menu appear.

From this menu you want to click “Admin”, from there you can click “Team Directory” where you will see a list of all of your users (excluding yourself).

You can then change the permission of any user and hit save. This will automatically update the user’s permissions and if they are assigned to the Guest User role restrict what tasks are visible to them.


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