Getting Started With Task Pigeon: Dashboards

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Task Pigeon is designed to make it exceptionally easy for you and your team to create, manage and organize the tasks you work on each day.

In this edition of the “Getting Started With Task Pigeon Series,” we will look at the primary dashboards available in Task Pigeon and how to best use them.

In Task Pigeon you have access to a number of dashboard views. These include:

Today we will focus on attention on the two primary dashboards you and your team will use. These include:

  • Group Tasks; And
  • My Tasks

Group Tasks

The Group Tasks Dashboard shows ALL of the tasks assigned to you and members of your team (excluding private tasks you are not assigned to).

The Group Task dashboard is designed to make it easy to see what everyone across your team is working on.

As a result, if you had five people in your team when you five the Group Tasks Dashboard you would see all of the tasks assigned to all five of your team members.

My Tasks

The My Tasks Dashboard shows all of the tasks YOU are assigned to. It doesn’t show tasks that you are not assigned to.

The My Task Dashboard is essentially a way to filter all the tasks in your team to see only what you are responsible for.

With both the My Tasks and Group Tasks Dashboard you can also filter by category. For example, if you were on your My Tasks Dashboard and filtered to a category called “Marketing” you would only see the tasks you were assigned to within the Marketing category.

How To Use Group Tasks & My Tasks

We find that Team Admins and Managers typically use the Group Task Dashboard as their default. It lets them easily see the workload across their team in one central view.

Conversely, individual team members may prefer to use the My Task Dashboard as their default as it only shows the tasks that they are responsible for.

You can drag and drop the dashboard icon in the left-hand menu to reposition the dashboards in your own order of preference.

Other Dashboard Views

The other dashboard views mentioned above are largely self-explanatory. They include:

  • In Progress Tasks – This shows tasks that you have marked as in progress
  • Due Soon Tasks – This shows tasks that you are assigned to and are marked as due soon (i.e. within the next 24 hours)
  • Completed Tasks – This shows all the tasks that have been marked as complete across the team.

Video Walk Through

Prefer to watch a video? Here we look at the various dashboard views available in Task Pigeon.


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