Getting Started With Task Pigeon: Private Tasks

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So far in the Getting Started With Task Pigeon Series we have looked at how to create tasks and checklist tasks, as well as categories, sub-categories and private categories.

Private Categories are great for restricting access to an entire category or project, but sometimes you only need to restrict who can see and interact with a single task. That’s where private tasks come in.

Private Tasks are just like any other task, except they can only be seen by the person who created the task, as well as those assigned to a task.

You can turn any task, either a general text-based task or a checklist-style task into a private task.

Private Tasks can be ideally suited for:

  • Creating personal to-do lists
  • Creating or sharing tasks which include private of sensitive data amongst a select few
  • Restricting who can see a task so as not to overload the group task dashboard with tasks that the entire team doesn’t need to be aware of.

How To Create Private Tasks In Task Pigeon

If you haven’t done so already I recommend that you view the Getting Started With Task Pigeon: Creating Task and Checklists guide as a starting point.

Reviewing this will show you how to create a normal task in Task Pigeon. To then turn that task into a private task involves one additional step.

When creating the task you will see a checkbox marked “Mark as Private”. Checking this checkbox will then restrict who can see that task to only the people you assign to it.

How To Create Private Tasks – Video Walk Through

Prefer to view a video? Here we look at how to create a private task in Task Pigeon.


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