Getting Started With Task Pigeon: Setting Task Priorities

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Not every task you create in Task Pigeon has the same amount of priority. As a result, in this article in our Getting Started With Task Pigeon series, we are going to look at setting task priorities and how you can also sort your dashboard to display tasks with the highest priority first.

Setting A Task Priority

When you create a task in Task Pigeon, whether it is a general task or checklist task, you have the ability to set a task priority.

By default, it is set to N/A and is, therefore, an optional field. If required however you can set the priority of a task to:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Or low

If you have already created a task and want to set a priority retrospectively then you can click “edit” in the task window and then change the priority of the task.

Seeing Task Priorities On Your Dashboard

Task Pigeon makes it easy to see task priorities directly on your dashboard when using the Task Tile or Kanban Board view.

The task priorities are denoted by a “red”, “yellow” and “green” indicator on the tasks. For example, you can see in the task to the left that the red indicator symbol is highlighted. This denotes that this task is marked as high priority.

Sorting Tasks To Display By Priority

To help you find and organize the tasks that are most important to you Task Pigeon supports the ability to sort your dashboard by priority.

You can do this by clicking the “Sort by” filter in the top menu bar and then select “priority”. This will display tasks that are marked as high priority when using Task Tiles or the List View.


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