Getting Started With Task Pigeon: Task Tiles, Lists & Kanban Boards

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In this edition of the Getting Started With Task Pigeon series, we will look at how Task Pigeon provides a flexible task management environment that can adapt to the individual needs of you and your team.

At Task Pigeon we recognize that there is not a “one sizes fits all” approach to task management. As a result Task Pigeon supports a variety of “views”. These include:

In addition, you can respond to tasks and comments directly from your inbox by hitting “reply” to any email notification you receive in order to leave your comment or reply to the task.

Task Tile View

The Task Tile view is the default view in Task Pigeon. It is designed to provide a visually pleasing overview of the tasks you and your team are working on.

If you want to know how to filter between your tasks and the tasks of your team I would recommend you check out our article: Getting Started With Task Pigeon: Dashboards.

From the Task Tile view you can:

  • Open any task
  • Filter tasks by category or sub-category
  • See a visual representation of tasks that are marked as In-Progress or Due Soon
  • See the priority assigned to a task
  • Sort tasks by the date they were created, the date they are due, last update, priority, and category

List View

The list view is designed for users who prefer a more streamlined approach to task management. It provides a simple list that runs vertically down the page making it easy to quickly scroll through your list of tasks.

Like the task tile view, you can still open tasks with ease, filter to various categories and sort by the metric of your choice.

One benefit of the list view is that you can mark any task as complete directly from the dashboard by checking the “circle icon” on the right-hand side.

Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards are a popular tool for project managers. They provide a lot of flexibility and in Task Pigeon can be used for managing categories of tasks. Alternatively, you could create the boards so that they follow the flow of a project, allowing you to move tasks through a process such as:

  • To do
  • Doing
  • Done
  • In Review
  • Completed

In addition, the Kanban Board view allows you to easily drag and drop tasks between categories. You can also order tasks on each board in any order you please.


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