How To Hide Tasks From One Or More Colleagues In Task Pigeon

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Task Pigeon is built on the idea that teams work better when everyone is one the same page. Being able to quickly and easily see who is responsible for what task is a key aspect on how we approach task management at Task Pigeon.

That said, every now and then there may be a task or series of tasks that you need to assign to yourself (or a particular group of team in your team) without it being openly available for everyone else to see.

Perhaps its to do with the company finances, a project that is yet to get formal approval or simply something that only you need to do/worry about and don’t want to clog the dashboard of your team with tasks that don’t concern them.

Whatever the case, leveraging the “Private Task” feature in Task Pigeon is a great way to keep that task private.

How To Create A Private Task In Task Pigeon

With “Private Tasks” only the person who created the task and the people that task it is assigned to are able to see it. This means that if you have a team of five people and only create and assign that task to you and one other person then the other three people will never see it, nor know it was even created.

If you are looking to get started with Private Tasks you need to be on our premium/business plan, which is just $9 per user, per month. After that all it takes is simply checking the “Private Task” checkbox whenever you are creating a new task.

Private Task Example Shown on Dashboard

Once you have upgraded to the premium/business plan you will also have access to a number of our other premium features including our integration with Zapier, the ability to create Checklist style tasks and expand your team beyond five people.

You will be able to see what tasks are marked as private on your dashboard by looking out for the little padlock icon as well.

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