How Assertiv, A Leader in Identity & Access Management, Use Task Pigeon Within Their Software Development Team

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In a world where privacy, data protection and control over access to that data is becoming increasingly important Assertiv have established themselves as a leader in Identity and Access Management Solutions, providing both consulting and software development capabilities.

Based in Sydney, Australia the Assertiv team consists of subject matter experts across identity management, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and privileged management technologies. By bringing together this expertise the company have developed a comprehensive solution for cloud and on-premise Identity and Access Management with features designed to meet the needs of any sized organisation.

When it comes to Task Pigeon it is the software development team at Assertiv who are the primary consumers. They turn to Task Pigeon to track and manage tasks within their team. In particular, their software architects use Task Pigeon to flesh out user stories which are then assigned to developers to work on. Additionally, anyone in the team can use Task Pigeon to quickly flag bugs and raise them as separate tasks. At Assertiv“a regular user would probably visit Task Pigeon several times a day to pick up new tasks or to update in-flight work.”

Being able to operate in a flexible environment complements Assertiv’s software development methodology. As a company they focus on enabling businesses to easily manage their staff and customer lifecycle, as well as improve the user experience by enabling single sign-on to all the applications which support their business. As such, it was important that their task management tool of choice didn’t constrain their team with unnecessary complexity either.

On that note, Daniel Bligh, Identity Architect and Lead Developer at Assertiv finds “Task Pigeon a simple to use task management application which ticks the boxes for our business”. In particular, Daniel noted that “many of the competing products in the market get weighed down with overly complex feature sets and user interfaces, most of which are superfluous to our requirements. With Task Pigeon we can onboard a new developer and there is next-to-no training required to get up and running. This suits us well and allows us to focus on what we are good at, which is building software.”

Assertiv are also an organisation that understand the benefit of flexibility and simplicity in user design. Their Identity and Access Management solutions can be deployed whether you have on-premise applications, or utilize SaaS based tools such as Google for Work or Office 365 in your workplace. Furthermore, they simplify the management of user passwords by providing self-service password resets, forgotten password functionality and much more. All helping to reduce the load placed on a company’s internal IT team.

Like Assertiv, Task Pigeon is also an Australian based company, and it is this connection that first led the Assertiv team to try the tool. What they found was a good product with an attentive founder who encouraged constructive feedback. As a result Assertiv continue to “look forward to growing with Task Pigeon and enjoying an easy to use, yet mature product suite.” One day in the near future they would even like to integrate Task Pigeon with their own platform to offer a single sign on capacity to all consumers of the product.

To find out more about Assertiv and their Identify and Access Management solutions you can visit their website here.


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