How Max Marine Uses Task Pigeon To Manage The Daily Operations of Their Sail Racing Team & Workshop

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For more than 20 years Maxime Loiselle has been passionate about sailing and his company Max Marine embodies that spirit. Founded by Maxime, and supported by Phillippe Villa, his Master Repairman and Émile Fortin Gaumond in Customer Service the company operates as a sailing race team, a mobile marine product retailer and a boat/sale repair shop in Quebec, Canada.

Despite being a brand focused on the outdoors at the end of the day Max Marine is just like any other business. There are day-to-day tasks required to operate the business, service customers and keep things running smoothly. That’s why Maxime found himself looking for a task management solution to suit the needs of his team.

Maxime’s research led him to Task Pigeon, a task management application that is designed to be straight-forward and easy for individuals, small and large teams to use. It was this simplicity that made Task Pigeon the logical choice for his company, with Maxime stating, “what attracted me to Task Pigeon compared to other options on the market was the simplicity and user-friendly nature of the interface”.

Understanding the needs of your customer and providing a user-friendly experience is also central to the daily operations of Max Marine. The company is the reseller of more than 30 trusted brands and has established itself as the go-to destination for sailing related products and services in Quebec. As Maxime outlined “our passion and expertise are central to everything we do at Max Marine. Our goal is to put our skills and experience to good use in order to make the sport of sailing more accessible and enjoyable for all”.

When looking for a task management application Maxime wanted something that wouldn’t duplicate existing workflows or processes. In Maxime’s words, “I just wanted something that I could use to see where we are at with certain tasks and projects”, and Task Pigeon helped him achieve that goal. Furthermore, he went on to state that “I like the simplicity of it (Task Pigeon), it’s not trying to overdo everything. I also love that you can divide it into categories, assign it to someone and that you can put a deadline on the task”.

Working to deadlines is something the team at Max Marine are well accustom to. In addition to selling sailing boats, equipment and accessories, they provide a comprehensive suit of services from their workshop. This includes sail repair, sail modification, splicing and whipping services, electrical upgrades, as well as storage during the winter season.

For Maxime and his Master Repairman Phillippe Villa “the manufacture and repair of sails is an art. It is with delicacy, finesse and perfectionism that we treat them”. And they provide this same level of service whether you are involved in international competitions or sail casually on the weekend. This is because Maxime and his team believe “every sailor deserves their sales and sailing boat to live up their expectations”.

Looking to the future Maxime will continue to pursue this passion for the water, something that has been with him since the age of five, in conjunction with his desire for excellence in customer service across both sales and repairs/maintenance at Max Marine. Helping Maxime and his team manage their day-to-day workload with simplicity will be Task Pigeon, the task management tool Max Marine has chosen to adopt to help them create, assign and manage tasks with ease.

To learn more about Max Marine you can visit their website here. You can also connect with their Facebook Page.


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