How Media Organisation Startup Soda Uses Task Pigeon To Track & Manage Their Publishing Process

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Startup Soda is a niche media organisation in Sydney Australia with a mission to support the growth and development of the Australian startup ecosystem through positive and insightful media coverage.

There are a number of moving parts to Startup Soda, including a daily newsletter that is hand curated and helps highlight the top news, blog posts and tactical resources written by Startups, Founders, VC’s and other media brands, as well as a media site which focuses on covering new and emerging startups, industry news and analysis.

As a small but time intensive project Paul Towers, the creator of Startup Soda, uses Task Pigeon to plan and manage the many moving parts and tasks that compete for his time. In particular Paul outlines that “by far the hardest thing to manage is the numerous articles and guest posts submissions that we need to review and publish. Before using Task Pigeon I would keep all of these requests as unread emails in my inbox. Now I have a very clear and easy to understand system that allows me to move articles from idea, to being writing, to draft and finally onto published and promoted”.

To keep track of this workflow Paul opts to use our Kanban Board view which he says is “ideally suited to work that has to move through a funnel over time”. Paul also turns to our integration with Zapier which he uses to automate a large part of the guest post submission process. Paul went on to say “deciding to accept guest posts is always a hard decision. I want to make sure the quality is high and content relevant. Instead of having people flood my inbox with requests I turned to Typeform and integrate that with Task Pigeon. Now whenever someone submits a request it is automatically turned into a task for me to review on my dashboard.”

One other area of Task Pigeon that appeals to Paul is the ease at which tasks can be created and viewed. “Unlike other applications you can see and access every part of your dashboard it just one click. It’s easy to create tasks, filter between different views and ultimately get a good understand of what you have to work on”.

For media organisations like Startup Soda, Task Pigeon is positioned as a straightforward, yet powerful task management tool that makes it easy to create, assign and manage tasks assigned to you and your team. Like Task Pigeon other media organisations can take advantage of our Kanban board if they use a system of task management that has a natural flow or progression to the work being done. Alternatively Task Pigeon also supports a tile and list view, providing additional flexibility to you and your team.

Other features that have broad appeal include the ability to create private tasks which can only be seen by the task creator and those who the task is assigned to, the ability to assign users to a “guest view mode only” where they can see and comment on tasks they are assigned to and our integration with Zapier which extends the flexibility of Task Pigeon and allows you to connect with 1,000+ other tools.

To learn more about Startup Soda you can view their website here.

(Note: Startup Soda and Task Pigeon have a common link, with both organisations being founded by Paul Towers)


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Paul Towers - Founder @ Task Pigeon

Paul Towers is a 3x Entrepreneur and Founder of Task Pigeon. Join me on my journey to build an open & transparent startup from day one. Paul is also the founder of Startup Soda, a newsletter curating the best content from the Australian startup ecosystem.