Introducing Advanced Email Notifications

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Today, we have rolled out Advanced Email Notifications for Task Pigeon!

Advanced Email Notifications allow you to see the full details of any task that is assigned to you, edited or marked as complete.

These new updates, along with the ability to respond to any task or comment simply by hitting “reply” to the email notification, makes it easier than ever to work in a style that suits you best.

Advanced Email Notifications – New Tasks

Task Pigeon’s new Advanced Email Notifications for new tasks now allow each team member you assign a task to, to see the full details of the task direct in their inbox.

See the image below for an example of this new notification.

Advanced Email Notification - New Task

Advanced Email Notifications – Task Edited

It’s also important that your team members are notified any time a task is updated. That’s why our new Advanced Email Notifications also include full details of a task any time it is updated.

Advanced Email Notification - Edit Task

Advanced Email Notifications – Task Comment

Just like we have always down our email notification system lets you see and respond to comments any time they are left on a task. You can choose to view the comments within the Task Pigeon application or just hit “reply” to leave a comment of your own.

Advanced Email Notification - Task Comment

Advanced Email Notifications – Task Complete

Another new addition we have made to our email notification system is the ability to receive notifications anytime a task is marked as complete.

Advanced Email Notification - Task Completed

Advanced Email Notifications – Turn On/Off

While we are excited to announce this latest feature for Task Pigeon we know that not everyone likes to work from their inbox.

That’s why you can simply turn off email notifications by going to the “settings” link under your user profile image. Here you can turn off some (or all) email notifications you receive.

Advanced Email Notification - Notifications
If you have any comments or questions about our new Advanced Email Notifications feature please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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