Introducing Marketplace By Task Pigeon

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When I first created Task Pigeon the development of the underlying task management dashboard was always the first step in what I saw as a much broader vision to create a scalable technology focused company.

Core to this long term vision is the fact that more than 40% of tasks people add to their to-do list are never completed.

When thinking about how to solve this issue over 12 months ago I realised that most task management applications don’t actually help you get things done. They merely act as a repository for things that you need to do.

Therefore to create a successful task management application you actually need to solve the underlying issue and help people move tasks off their to-do list and into the completed column.

That’s why I’m pleased to introduce to you “Marketplace By Task Pigeon”.

Marketplace by Task Pigeon is an integrated freelance marketplace that leverages our underlying task management application to make it easy to outsource digital tasks and ensure that the tasks you do add to your dashboard are actually done.

We achieve this by creating a “low-click” freelance marketplace where there is no bidding, no interviewing and no waiting for proposals. We source quality freelancers and lock in one low price. If you find yourself stretched for time you can click to outsource a task and ensure that it is no longer left sitting there on your to-do list.

Introducing Marketplace By Task Pigeon - Featured Tasks

To start with Marketplace by Task Pigeon will focus on a core number of digital tasks including:

  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing / Blog Posts
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Image Design
  • Virtual Assistants / Data Entry

The Virtual Assistant category is the one that we are perhaps most excited about. We all find ourselves having a list of important but time consuming tasks building up. Often they are not difficult to complete, they just involve a little bit of effort and time on the computer.

These tasks are often to push back, and push back, and push back. Before too long you realise that a task you created 3 weeks ago still hasn’t been started. With our Virtual Assistant packages you can buy a pre-set number of hours with a Virtual Assistant.

If you have something that you think will take an hour, buy an hour of their time. Have a bigger project that requires 20 hours. Then buy 20 hours. Again there is no waiting for proposals, interviewing candidates or submitting job posts. We take care of all of that for you and select the best freelancers to work on our platform.

Over time our goal is to add additional tasks and project categories to Marketplace by Task Pigeon. We want to create an integrated environment that allows you to outsource almost any task that you or your team could work on in-house.

While we still have a way to go to realise that complete vision we hope you will find the first steps we have taken in offering common digital based tasks on the Marketplace to be beneficial.

To celebrate the launch of Marketplace by Task Pigeon we are providing a 20% discount code to all Task Pigeon users. You must have an account on Task Pigeon to make use of the marketplace. At checkout you will then have the option to enter a discount code.

To get 20% off your first order enter LAUNCH20.

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