Marketplace By Task Pigeon Adds A Host of New SEO Services

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A little while ago we announced “Marketplace by Task Pigeon“, a key pillar of our long term strategy to create a task management application that isn’t just about writing down what you need to do, but actually helping you do what you need to do.

The response has been fantastic so far. People love the concept and I have had a number of great conversations with existing users, new users and potential users about the benefits of Marketplace by Task Pigeon. Plus, we have had a number of customers as well!

Marketplace By Task Pigeon Adds A Host of New Services- image1Today, I am excited to announce a suite of new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that are available on Marketplace by Task Pigeon.

These services are ideally suited to small to medium businesses, or small teams who don’t have the time, skill set of money to pay for ongoing SEO Consultants like Lake Oswego SEO and/or have ad-hoc questions that can be answered in a report rather than a week or month long engagement with an expensive SEO agency.

The new SEO tasks that we are announcing today include the:

The cheapest of these packages start at just $15.

In order to provide more details on each of these new Marketplace offerings we have provided a high level overview of each of these packages below. For more information please click through to view the package on the Marketplace where you can also request a sample report.

Comprehensive SEO Audit – $199

Getting your website or blog to rank well in Google takes more than just writing great content. One key element of our SEO strategy should be to understand the impact of On-Page SEO factors such as website speed, duplicate content, duplicate H1 titles, a lack of title tags for images, low word count of missing page descriptions.

The comprehensive SEO Audit looks at all of the critical factors you need to optimize for in order to rank well in Google and provides a plan of action for you to follow in order to boost the ranking potential of your website or blog. If you are struggling to implement this plan, then you can contact SEO agencies such as, and negotiate integrating their help. A collaborative relationship will ultimately cost you less than a dependent one.

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Keyword Ranking Analysis Report – $29

Before you start putting any effort into improving your SEO performance you need a benchmark to measure yourself against. With our Keyword Ranking Analysis Report we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of all the keywords your website (and associated subdomains) rank for. This report includes your position in Google, search volume and level of competition for that keyword.

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Competitor Keyword Analysis Report – $29

Marketplace By Task Pigeon Adds A Host of New Services- image2Where our Keyword Ranking Analysis Report shows you where each of your keywords are ranking in Google, our Competitor Keyword Comparison Report allows you to drill down and compare your performance against a nominated list of competitors (maximum of 5).

This report will provide an overview of the common keywords (i.e. keywords you all rank for) and unique keywords (i.e. keywords only your competitor ranks for) as well as a detailed breakdown of the position, volume and potential value of each of these keywords.

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Keyword “Potential” Report – $29

If you are going to focus your time, money and attention on SEO for your website or blog then you should have a core group of keywords you want to rank for.

With our Keyword “Potential” Report we take those keywords (up to 10) and provide a breakdown on their potential value and difficulty.

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Backlink Analysis Report – $15

Knowing who is linking to you (or your competitors) can be valuable information. It can help you reach out to your “super fans”, identify new guest posting opportunities and track the efforts of your SEO and content marketing campaigns.

With our Backlink Analysis report we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all of the domains and individual pages that currently link back to your website (or competitor) as well as the anchor text that is being used in the link.

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With each of the above reports we do a lot more than just provide a summary or Excel file. We provide relevant and actionable feedback and insight based on the details of our research and how your website can benefit/utilize these findings to improve your performance in search engine optimization.

If you have any questions or would like to know more feel free to contact me.

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