We Have MRR – The October 2017 Monthly Report

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October was a great month for Task Pigeon!

We have started converting customers to our monthly paid plans and now have Monthly Recurring Revenue of $162 USD.

Yes, it’s small, but that’s 18 more people paying us on a monthly basis than the month before. More importantly however it confirms that there is a market for Task Pigeon. I just need to prove it can be a big one!

So let’s kick things off where we normally do with website/blog traffic.

Task Pigeon – Blog Traffic – October 2017

Task Pigeon Blog Traffic October 2017

I stopped blogging every day and switched to creating a smaller number of blog posts that were hopefully more engaging for readers.

I don’t have a definitive answer on this strategy yet. Content Marketing is important for Task Pigeon but I haven’t found the silver bullet for what really works well.

As a result our blog traffic did take a hit and fell a touch over 8% compared to September.

You can keep an eye on our real time traffic stats on our new transparency dashboard.

Task Pigeon – Website Traffic – October 2017

Task Pigeon Website Traffic October 2017

Website traffic also followed suit and dropped by more than 10% compared to last month.

One of the issues I have identified is that a large amount of traffic is driven by my manual efforts to promote Task Pigeon and my blogs content. When I write about Task Pigeon and building my startup I am able to share it pretty easily across social media.

These posts always deliver decent traffic to my blog, with a certain flow on effect going to our main landing page. What I need to work on is organic search traffic and I am currently working to improve our SEO efforts. I’m actually considering getting some SEO Training to help me learn a few more tips and tricks for ranking on Google. I have heard there are plenty of tools out there to help me boost my traffic too, so hopefully once I have had some training, I can research these. Obviously making sure I find a source or two to confirm their legitimacy in a review, of course!

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Task Pigeon – Revenue – October 2017

As mentioned at the top of this post we have our first Monthly Recurring Revenue from 18 paying users.

MRR for October stood at $162 USD ($9 per user, per month).

Revenue from other sources came in at $218.05 USD.

Task Pigeon – Expenditure – October 2017

Task Pigeon Expenditure October 2017

A lot of recent expenditure has gone into adding new features to improve the core Task Pigeon application, as well as to make it more inviting for individuals and teams to upgrade to our premium plan.

In October we released a number of new features including:

Expenditure came in at $3,328.52 AUD in October.

Task Pigeon – Monthly Active User Numbers – October 2017

Monthly Active Users ticked up slightly and increased from 128 to 138 MAU’s. The number of actions completed by these users decreased slightly from 533 to 504.

Looking Forward

It feels great to have people paying to use Task Pigeon on a monthly basis. I recognise the amount is small but it really feels like this is the start of our journey now, even though I first had the idea for Task Pigeon 1 year ago this month.

I know that there is a lot more that I can do for this website to help improve it further. I think I’m going to mainly focus on my SEO though, and I might get help from Another quality service or something. Maybe I could give this a go by myself, but we’ll see. I want to make sure that I do this perfectly.

My efforts have to be on SEO and figuring out how to move forward with our content marketing activities as I feel like this is the best way to move forward. Driving quality traffic to my website is the number one challenge, one that friends in similar situations have resolved by hiring companies like Outreach Pete to do some work for them. I’m thinking about it, but doing the work myself is also rewarding. Once there I can work on converting them to trial users and eventually paying customers.


Try Task Pigeon Today!

It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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