New Feature: Create Private Tasks With Task Pigeon

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Today I am excited to announce the latest feature to find its way into Task Pigeon. It’s something users have asked for ever since we first launched and it is finally here…… Private Tasks!

Whenever you create a new task in Task Pigeon you will have the option of selecting the “Private Task” checkbox.

This ensures that the task you just created can only be seen by you (the task creator) and anyone else you assign it to.

A “Private Task” will not show up on any other team members dashboard, not even under the “Group Tasks” Tab.

New Task Pigeon Feature - Private Tasks - Create New Task

The introduction of “Private Tasks” extends the functionality of Task Pigeon further than ever before. In particular, it now empowers your team to track and manage their own (or private) tasks within one central dashboard.

They can create any number of tasks they require and simply mark them as “Private” and no one else will see them. This stops tasks that don’t require collaboration or team involvement from clogging up the “Group Tasks” dashboard.

In addition, “Private Tasks” now provides the flexibility for Managers to create, assign and manage a create variety of tasks. For example if you need to discuss confidential financial information with a select member from your team then marking it as “private” will hide it from view for everyone else.

The “Private Task” feature is available to all users on the 14 day trial and for our premium/business users.

Example of a Private Task in Task Pigeon

In summary the key use cases we see “Private Tasks” unlocking are:

  1. The ability for staff to track and manage their own tasks within Task Pigeon without clogging the teams dashboard.
  2. The potential for Task Pigeon to manage a wide variety of tasks/categories. You can now add finance and HR teams that may require some tasks to be kept private from other members of the team.
  3. You can create tasks and mark them as private as a placeholder until you are ready to assign them to a team member (and unmark the “private tag”).
  4. If you operate multiple businesses within the one Task Pigeon account you can keep the activities of one team separate from another.

If you have any questions about the new “Private Tasks” feature in Task Pigeon please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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