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New Integrations with Microsoft OneDrive & Box

We live in a collaborative world and there are numerous tools out there that support the work of your team. (Hopefully, Task Pigeon is one of them)

When we launched Task Pigeon we provided the ability to easily upload files from your Google Drive and Dropbox account. Today, we are expanding the options in this area and adding in our integration with:

  • Microsoft One Drive; and
  • Box

Our new integrations with Microsoft OneDrive and Box are available to all users (both free and paid accounts).

Box provides a great level of functionality and allows you to add attachments to new tasks, edited tasks and comments. Unfortunately, the Microsoft OneDrive has slightly more limited functionality. Due to the access Microsoft provide you can only attach files to new tasks.

Once you start using these new integrations we would love to get your feedback. Feel free to contact us with any comments or concerns you have.