New Sign Ups Increase Almost 200% In A Month

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April has been a big month for Task Pigeon. And it’s not even finished yet!

Our content marketing is starting to fire with a number of posts ranking well and bringing thousands of people to our site without any addition advertising or promotion.

Not only that, and perhaps more importantly, we have hit on a low cost acquisition channel that has helped new signups increase by 186% to more than 83 new users since 1 April.

More importantly, we are seeing that a number of these new users are in teams which creates a compelling reason to engage with them on the benefits of our paid/premium tier, and lift our Monthly Recurring Revenue.

After continuing to drive Task Pigeon forward each and every day it is exciting for me and my team to see the efforts of our hard work beginning to emerge.

Our goal is crystal clear and centers on tackling the underlying issue that more than 40% of tasks people add to their to-do list are never completed. I continue to work on achieving this vision every day.

Beyond what is just publicly visible to our community of users we have a well-defined product road map in place that will take Task Pigeon from where it is today and onto the next tier of potential. I am eager to unlock these new features for our users soon and am also working on improvements to our underlying infrastructure to improve the end user experience and responsiveness of the application across the globe.

All of this comes at an exciting time for Task Pigeon. It really feels like an infection point and aligning of all the right things. Building a venture sizing company is something I have set out to do from the outset and recent conversations with investors willing to back this vision have been extremely encouraging.

As always there is still a lot more work to be done, but I remain as committed and as excited about the potential for Task Pigeon as ever. Over the next few weeks I have a number of critical areas of the business where I am going to be investing my time and attention to ensure the trend in user growth we have recently seen continues.

This obviously includes continued investment in the product as mentioned above, but beyond that there are a number of areas which I believe can help set Task Pigeon up for even more success. These include:

  • Creating a more well-defined and thought out sales funnel to convert our blog traffic into new users.
  • Accelerated investment in our Search Engine Optimization strategies and capabilities, as it is beginning to show results from our recent efforts. Maybe I should consider taking the help of an expert SEO web services agency, as that can provide faster results.
  • Expansion of our new user acquisition campaigns given the success we have witnessed in the last 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Improved layout and categorization of our blog to focus on four key areas, including: our approach to transparency, management, leadership and productivity.
  • Finalizing discussions with the various investors I am engaged with the accelerate our growth and potential.

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