Office Feng Shui: Increasing Work Motivation

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There’s nothing worse than a murky, cluttered office for your morale and the morale of your colleagues. Everything in your surroundings is going to be affecting your inner life and possibly productivity.

The philosophy behind this thinking is called Feng Shui, the practice of arranging physical objects around you in such a way that they radiate positive energy.

Because you will be spending so much time in the office, Feng Shui might be just the thing if you want to increase the overall productivity and efficiency around the place. Saying this though, whether it is de-cluttering the desk, introducing plants, or looking to invest in some ceiling lights to upgrade your room (as this can create the ambience), for example, these steps could help create a comfortable working environment.

Here’s our guide on how to create your own Feng Shui office.

Position Your Desk

Office Feng Shui Increasing Work Motivation - Desk Location

According to Feng Shui, the optimal position for your desk would be on the opposite side of the office door, usually diagonally so that it’s the furthest point from the door.

Your desk should be positioned in such a way that you’re facing the door when you’re sitting. This is called a commanding position in Feng Shui and the philosophy behind it is the fact that you’ll be facing every opportunity that comes your way.

Don’t let the name fool you because it’s not at all about commanding others, but about being the commander of your own energy.

Bagua Map

Office Feng Shui Increasing Work Motivation -Bagua Map

In order to analyze the existing energy of your office, you’ll need to be able to understand and apply the Bagua map. It will show you which areas of your office are connected to particular areas of your life. You will know exactly which areas of your office affect you positively, and which affect your energy negatively.

There are 8 Feng Shui Bagua areas and each of them has a specific Feng Shui color, Feng Shui area and life area connected to it. As this is your office we’re talking about, you’ll probably be most interested in the North Bagua area, as it’s related to the energy of your career’s success.

Bring In the Live Plants

Office Feng Shui Increasing Work Motivation - Office Plants

Plants are an integral Feng Shui tool which not only helps attract positive energy to your office but also purifies the air while doing it.

Take a look at some of the good and bad feng shui plants and try to add a new one each month, as it symbolizes a healthy beginning for you and your coworkers. They will help you keep the stress out, breathe better and ultimately create a calmer environment, which is really important if you’re looking to increase morale and productivity.

De-clutter Your Office

Office Feng Shui Increasing Work Motivation - Office Plants

Maybe you don’t mind the clutter, but Feng Shui does and it just won’t work.

Clutter blocks the flow of chi and stagnates the energy inside any space. If there’s too much clutter you just can’t afford to throw or give away, there are some supercheap self storage solutions in Adelaide where you can store the extra stuff and create a better office environment. Maybe it is the size of your office that you need to change. Maybe you need to get Green Facilities Noted to come in and carry out a thorough clean of your office If your office is too big, this might be a reason as to why you feel like you are not being as productive as you should. Maybe with the assistance that companies such as Holloway Storage can provide, maybe the idea of de-cluttering may not be as bad as you thought. It might not feel like an office with all the empty space. If this is the case, it might be best for you to look into renting a small office space, just so you can actually do some work. Also, if your room is cluttered, start in one corner and work your way around. This way, you won’t feel like you have so much to do.

This is also important for your own desk – if you want to unblock the flow of chi you need to take everything off your desk and keep only the stuff you use every day.

The Water Element

In Feng Shui, water fountains are powerful wealth cures that attract wealth and fresh chi both. The sound of water in itself has a calming influence on people, but in Feng Shui, water is a symbol of money and you’ll definitely want it around your office.

If you’re not in a position to have anything water related in your office, images of flowing water will do the trick as well. Waterfalls are especially strong, as open view and plenty of foam are considered especially powerful in Feng Shui.


Feng Shui isn’t a superstition or magic, it’s a philosophy – one that is supposed to remind you of the areas you’re trying to improve or value more than others.

It’s also very practical since you’ll be able to find whatever it is that you’re looking for, and your office will leave a calmer effect on you and your colleagues. In Feng Shui, every change matters, so you can start small and see if you notice the difference.

Overall, if you followed this guide, we hope that we’ve convinced you to try our Feng Shui techniques and we wish you a lot of chi coming your way.

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