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How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed & Become A Successful Business Owner

Want to be a billionaire? Your best shot may be by becoming an entrepreneur. According to the Billionaire Census results, the majority of the world’s billionaires run their own businesses. In fact, four out of every five billionaires were self-made through running their own businesses. These are very promising numbers, and they remain true for billionaires …

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6 Need-to-Know Tips on Improving Executive Communication for C-Suite Success

As a CEO, it’s imperative that you already understand the importance that communication has on your ability to run a business. Whether you’re organizing your departments, communicating with customers and clients, shareholders and everyone in between, communication is key across the board. However, with such busy and stressful days, it’s not uncommon for professional communication …

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How to Encourage Employee Productivity With Artificial Intelligence

From time-blocking to to-do lists, there are countless time-tested methods to encourage employees to make the most of their time on the clock. They’re still useful, but many HR professionals are beginning to use artificial intelligence (AI) to capitalize on employees’ available hours. Forward-thinking people in the human resources sector can do that in several …

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