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It’s Not All About The Money – Employee Survey Shows Friendship Is A Primary Source of Workplace Motivation

It’s fair to say for the vast majority of workers since time immemorial, that work has been an unpleasant necessity. Just something that has to be done to earn an income for life’s essentials. Yet whilst making money will always be an integral part of the work experience, new research would imply that this factor …

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Why I Opted Into Being A Solo Startup Founder

Opting to go it alone and be a solo startup founder is a hard, but not impossible, task. On the surface, everything seems to be going against you. Paul Graham from Y Combinator famously lists it as the Number One Mistake entrepreneurs make when deciding to launch a startup. And famed accelerators like 500 Startups …

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Benefits of the SaaS Business Model – (Software-as-a-Service)

Adopting a Software-as-a-Service or SaaS Business model provides many benefits over traditional on-premise software installations. These benefits exist for both the software vendor, and customer, and will be the focus of this article. First, the definition of SaaS according to Gartner is: “Software that is owned, delivered, and managed remotely by one or more providers”. Furthermore, the …

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How Changing Your Environment Affects Your Productivity

Businesses are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve productivity in the workplace. Granted, there’s a number of things employees can do in order to improve their productivity levels, such as getting the right amount of sleep, having a healthy, energetic breakfast and using relaxation techniques to deal with daily stresses. But, what …

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