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What’s On Elon Musks To Do List

Despite earning more than $165 million through the sale of Paypal in 2002, Elon Musk is still dreaming big! The forty one year old who dropped his PhD program at Stanford, is currently one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. He is the founder of a private rocket company Space X, CEO at Tesla and …

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Office Feng Shui: Increasing Work Motivation

There’s nothing worse than a murky, cluttered office for your morale and the morale of your colleagues. Everything in your surroundings is going to be affecting your inner life and possibly productivity. The philosophy behind this thinking is called Feng Shui, the practice of arranging physical objects around you in such a way that they …

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27 Simple Office Design And Maintenance Tips That Leave A Lasting Impact On Your Productivity

People often turn to time management techniques, routines, and apps for answers when talking about productivity. But while all that can help professionals get more done in less time, the physical spaces we work in can have just as much of an impact on our performance! Discover how simple office design and maintenance tips can …

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It’s Not All About The Money – Employee Survey Shows Friendship Is A Primary Source of Workplace Motivation

It’s fair to say for the vast majority of workers since time immemorial, that work has been an unpleasant necessity. Just something that has to be done to earn an income for life’s essentials. Yet whilst making money will always be an integral part of the work experience, new research would imply that this factor …

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Why I Opted Into Being A Solo Startup Founder

Opting to go it alone and be a solo startup founder is a hard, but not impossible, task. On the surface, everything seems to be going against you. Paul Graham from Y Combinator famously lists it as the Number One Mistake entrepreneurs make when deciding to launch a startup. And famed accelerators like 500 Startups …

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