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Atlassian Acquires Trello – What A Founder Thinks When They See Their Biggest Competitor Acquired By A Tech Giant

Overnight Aussie Tech Giant, Atlassian, announced that they were acquiring Trello. A global competitor to what we are building at Task Pigeon. Shortly after a few emails and messages hit my inbox. People wanted to know my thoughts. Did I care? Was I worried? Would Task Pigeon still launch? (yes of course it will) To …

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How to Recruit The First Technical Talent for Your Startup as a Non-Technical Founder

Recruiting technical talent as a non-technical founder isn’t easy. But it’s not impossible either. One of the first things a non-technical co-founder will do is go to Google search for a resource or guide. They browse through countless articles. Then realize that the advice is to go to networking events, try founder dating sites or ask …

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What I Learnt (Almost) Pre-Selling My Startup Idea To A Customer

The ultimate form of pre-launch validation for any SaaS startup is pre-selling a licence for your product or service. While collecting emails certainly has it’s place, nothing comes close to convincing a customer to enter their credit card details prior to your launch. At Task Pigeon, we ran an experiment to see if we could …

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BetaList Review – Is It Worth Listing Your Startup On BetaList

TL;DR – Don’t want to read about the listing process. Jump straight to the results instead What does my startup, Task Pigeon, and Pinterest have in common? We both launched our private beta on BetaList! (source). In this post we are going to outline what we learnt when we launched our private beta registration on BetaList and …

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Why I’m Building A 100% Transparent Startup – Lessons Learnt from Buffer, Groove HQ and Baremetrics

If I’m going to build a transparent startup, I might as well be transparent with the fact that my past two startup ideas failed to get beyond the very earliest of stages. Hi, my name’s Paul and I’m the founder of Task Pigeon. Before I get to why I’m building a transparent startup and what …

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