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4 Current (And Former) Tech Startup CEO’s Who Will Be Glad 2017 Is Now Behind Them

By and large technology companies had an amazing 2017. The NASDAQ was up 28.2% for the year, and numerous startups raised multi-hundred and even billion dollar rounds of funding at record valuations. But while the majority of Tech CEO’s had something to celebrate, there are more than a handful of current (and now former) CEO’s …

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Lessons From Freelancer Founder Matt Barrie On How Not To Get Screwed When Raising VC Funding

In the startup community often people associate raising capital with success. I get it. It (kind of) makes sense. You see a company raise a big round of money, they must be successful. Right? Well not always…. Here’s 10 startups that raised a bunch of funding and all went belly up in 2017. Which is …

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How To Build Your Startups MVP For $10k Or Less As A Non Technical Founder

In addition to being the CEO and Founder of Task Pigeon I also put together the daily Startup Soda newsletter and mentor Student Entrepreneurs at the University of Sydney. As a result, I come across a lot of people interested in starting a startup. While some of these founders/teams have technical skills and are able …

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How To Use Kanban Boards To Manage Your Marketing

Kanban boards are becoming quite popular for marketing departments in various industries and their effects, while subtle, can have a significant benefit translated into efficiency and improved marketing management. Kanban is a Japanese word that translates to signboard or billboard. It was introduced back in 1940s when Toyota workers started using cards (Kanbans) to signal …

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