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Why I Decided To Give Freelance Developers Equity In My Startup

Providing employees with the ability to earn equity in a startup is nothing new. Most early stage startups have some form of equity compensation plan either in the form or shares or options.   What is more unusual however, is extending that same offer to freelance developers or contractors. In fact, beyond startups offering equity …

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We Have MRR – The October 2017 Monthly Report

October was a great month for Task Pigeon! We have started converting customers to our monthly paid plans and now have Monthly Recurring Revenue of $162 USD. Yes, it’s small, but that’s 18 more people paying us on a monthly basis than the month before. More importantly however it confirms that there is a market …

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Mailchimp – One Of The Most Successful Bootstrapped Startups Of Our Time

Establishing a successful business is viewed by many as a hard, nearly impossible task. This is especially true for those who decide to start their businesses on their own, without involving external investors. It is therefore no surprise that bootstrapped startups are the exception rather than the rule in many places around the world. Mailchimp …

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Task Pigeon Nominated For Best Bootstrapped Startup of The Year

Task Pigeon has been nominated for Best Bootstrapped Startup of The Year (2017) by Startcon. Startcon, the organiser of Australia’s largest startup conference, received over 500 nominations across 17 categories. The categories available for nomination include: Startup of the Year Technology Company of the Year Startup Founder of the Year Female Entrepreneur of the Year …

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Here’s Everything I Have Learned As A Non-Technical Founder

It is true. Angel Investors and VC’s prefer to see a startup that has technical people in the founding team. There’s no denying that. It is also a completely rational position for these investors to hold. A startup with a technical team member can continue to fine-tune the product, add new features, or even pivot …

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