Product Update: You Can Now Manage Tasks in a List View

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The central hypothesis for Task Pigeon, an easy to use task management tool for teams, has always been that there isn’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to task management.

Our vision started with the “task tile” view, that was originally created as it solved my own personal pain point. I enjoy the visual nature of the task tiles and seeing everything as if it was post it notes on a whiteboard.

But I know that not everyone works that way.

So today, we are pleased to announce the next major extension of this vision and unveil the ability to view tasks in a list view.

This update is already live across Task Pigeon and you can instantly switch between the task tile and list view with the click of a single button!

Task Pigeon List View

To get started login to your Task Pigeon account and click the “list icon” in the top left hand corner.

In addition to supporting the task tile and list view we are working on a number of other exciting updates to allow you and your team the ability to work in the environment that suits them best. And don’t forget you can also be notified and comment on tasks via email.

Finally, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of our recent integration with Zapier. If you haven’t already, check out the recent blog post we put together where you can learn some cool tips to get you started.

We have been using Zapier internally with our own Task Pigeon account and have seen an increase in productivity and functionality by creating new “zaps” with other tools you already know and love such as Slack, Gmail, Google Docs, and many, many more.

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