Product Update: Improved URL & Video Link Display

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Sharing videos and links is a thing most of us do on a daily basis, but in a chunk of text they are either:

a) Easy to skip by, or;

b) Don’t provide a great deal of context about what the link will tell/show you

That’s why we have integrated Task Pigeon with a service called iFramely.

iFramely is awesome at taking boring links like these:

And turn them into theses:

Task Pigeon Integrates With iFramely For Improved URL Display

iFramely works with URL’s from some of the world’s most popular websites and brands, as well as sites like our blog that are structured correctly and can easily be interpreted and displayed by iFramely’s tech.

In addition to text based content iFramely also makes it possible to watch Youtube (and other popular video services) directly within a task description or comment.

Task Pigeon Integrates With iFramely For Improved Video Display

iFramely is already live on Task Pigeon. Perhaps you already noticed that the links you shared looked a little different? Any new link you post in either the Task Description or as a comment will now appear in this new format.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on this latest feature don’t hesitate to contact us. We have lots more exciting things in the works and will be announcing these as and when they are released.

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