Revenue, Traffic Numbers & Performance – May 2017

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Last month I released our revenue, traffic figures and user statistics for the first time!

We have now ticked over into another month, and therefore it’s time to do the same for May.

If you read my recent post you would know it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Building a startup is meant to be about moving fast. And I know that we aren’t moving fast enough just yet. But we will get there.

As of next month, I will also be sharing my information on expenses. I’m also working on taking transparency even further at Task Pigeon. Essentially opening up my Google Analytics Account, Woopra Account, Stripe Account, etc for view only access to sophisticated investors.

I think it could be an interesting experiment to see what their feedback is to this. It’s nothing I don’t already share in this report, but with direct, view only access they would be able to chop, slice and analyse the data however they wish.

If you think this is interesting drop me an email.

Website Traffic – May 2017

Task Pigeon May 2017 Transparency Report - Website Traffic

Visitors and pageviews were down for May. A decent amount of our traffic had been coming from the StackSocial campaign that saw Task Pigeon covered in a publication like Business Insider and The Next Web.

With the campaign now coming to a close this has seen a reduction in traffic from these channels. This, combined with the lack of new product updates certainly hasn’t been ideal. However, this campaign should serve to reinforce the fact that a well-thought-out digital marketing campaign, such as one that experts of SEO in London can create, can garner amazing results for your website.

Our average session duration did increase to 1:40 which is one positive to pick out of the results.

Blog Traffic – May 2017

Task Pigeon May 2017 Transparency Report - Blog Traffic

Things were MUCH better on our blog.

Both user numbers and page views more than doubled. Users increased from 525 to 1,117, and page views went from 977 to 2,164.

Still early days, but this shows our new content marketing strategy is paying dividends. We now aim to publish at least twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and also publish our podcast episode on Wednesdays.

Social continues to be our biggest source of traffic for the blog.

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Revenue – May 2017

Task Pigeon May 2017 Revenue Numbers

Revenue continued to flow in, but there was minimal growth. Revenue increased 23.47% from $1,387.75 to $1,756.74.

As previously mentioned this revenue is off the back of our StackSocial campaign, which in addition to revenue has allowed us to gain some great insight from our users/customers on where to focus our energy on while building out Task Pigeon.

I have also been looking for new ways to improve our revenue operations so it’s easier for us to break it down between our teams. I’ve been looking at this website to find out more so I’ll keep you updated if anything comes from it.

Expenditure – May 2017

In the April report I put together I didn’t share expenditure figures. The main reason for this was that I didn’t have explicit approval from my contract developer to do so. And seeing as I had only one person working for me it didn’t seem fair to look at things like hours worked by them and what they were paid, etc.

Now that I have a new team in place I will be able to share these figures from now on. To bring you up to speed however, I can say that I run an extremely efficient operation and had spent around $12.5k getting Task Pigeon from idea, to MVP, and then the broader market. This includes all development costs, hosting fees, and the small amount of paid marketing I have trialed to date.

User Numbers – May 2017

Task Pigeon May 2017 Transparency Report - Daily Active Users

With a drop in traffic has also come a decrease in new users signing up to the platform.

In April we had 307 new users join Task Pigeon, this has decreased to 225 in May.

On a positive front Month, Active Users did increase from 128 to 153.

What Next For Task Pigeon?

If you read my post last week on changing my development team you would know a key focus is getting back on track with our product roadmap.

We recently rolled out the Advanced Email Notification feature, but have a bunch of new, and more exciting stuff in the pipeline.

Our key focus is solidifying the user experience of Task Pigeon and adding new features to the free tier, and paid tier, which will help create a more compelling reason to upgrade.

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It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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