Up And To The Right – April 2018 Was A Cracker!

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April was a fantastic month for Task Pigeon. In addition to the figures that I will detail below there are so many exciting things happening behind the scenes at the moment I can’t help but feel more excited than ever about the potential for Task Pigeon.

But that is for another post. Today, I am going to break down all of the insights and results we saw in April. Some of the key highlights I will cover include:

  • Increasing website traffic by 34+%
  • Growing blog traffic by 14+%
  • Seeing new user sign ups rocket 279%
  • Witnessing a ~100% increase in user engagement
  • Generating additional revenue from Marketplace by Task Pigeon
  • And doing all of this while running on a lean budget!

April 2018 – Website Traffic – Up 34+%

April 2018 Web Traffic

April was a fantastic month for Task Pigeon on all fronts. As I usually do, I have started off my analyzing website traffic to the core website of Task Pigeon (this excludes the application itself and our blog).

Both pageviews and unique pageviews increased by an impressive 34%! and the average time on page was up an equally impressive 14.69%.

This success has come on the back of a low cost marketing strategy I have touched on here, as well as a continued focus on our content marketing, SEO and lead capture efforts. The importance of marketing tactics such as SEO cannot be ignored, and a good SEO strategy is necessary for driving sales in almost any digital based industry. Contact a company like SpaceBolt if you’re struggling to create your own SEO strategy, they’ll be happy to help you out. Of course, it all depends on what niche you’re in. Different industries have varying levels of competitiveness between rival companies. For example, insurance is the most expensive industry in terms of SEO because it’s such a competitive market. However, something like tree service lead generation won’t be as expensive for businesses and they will be able to just focus on improving their SEO in their service area. Thankfully, we’re not in a very expensive niche which is why I can run my low cost strategy. Even if you’re in the cannabis business, you can get dispensary SEO from MMX and watch your customer base grow and grow! There are loads of other companies that you can use to help you grow your business online though.

April 2018 – Blog Traffic – Up 14+%

April 2018 Blog Traffic

In addition to the core website our blog also saw a 14.06% increase in Pageviews and a 14.76% increase in Unique Pageviews.

Combined this equates to 7,287 Pageviews across our blog and website.

This still excludes the pageviews/interaction with the application itself, which will be covered later in this post.

What excites me most about our content marketing strategy is that it is a scale-able customer acquisition channel. Every time we publish content we are increasing the “bank” of content that can drive traffic to our blog well into the future.

In fact, our top three blog posts drove more than 2,500 Pageviews alone. And they were all written months ago.

New User Signups – April 2018 – Up 279%

April 2018 New Signups

New User signups exploded in April. I saw this coming a couple of weeks back and blogged about it here but at the end of the month we had a 3x increase on the number of New Users (Admins) who signed up to Task Pigeon.

April 2018 - New Signups Users

On top of that, we track team member sign ups separately. This month 27 new team members were invited/added to these teams, an increase of more than 200% on the month prior.

What this means is that the total number of new signups (both team owners and general users combined) increased by more than 225% in April

The next question is of course how engaged are these users? And the good news is we saw solid growth there too.

Monthly Active Users – Engagement Up ~100%

I want to provide greater insight into how users engage with Task Pigeon on a monthly basis. Compared to past months I am going to look at two key metrics:

  • New Tasks Created
  • Tasks Viewed

These metrics are important because within Task Pigeon we have two types of users:

  • People who create tasks (i.e. Managers)
  • People who action tasks and only need to view tasks (i.e. Team Members/Staff)

Both of these metrics showed impressive growth in April.

April 2018 - New Tasks Created

In April we saw the number of new tasks created rocket from 287 to 558. This is extremely pleasing to see as it shows that not only are people signing up to Task Pigeon but they are increasing their use of the tool.

The number of new tasks created in April was up almost 100%

It’s also equally important to understand how many people engage with Task Pigeon as users or task viewers.

April 2018 - View Tasks

This is something we started tracking more recently (as shown by the 0 data in February), but between March and April we have almost 400 more task views, and almost crossed the 2,000 task views mark.

Again this is just all evidence pointing to an increase in engagement and is very pleasing to see.

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It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!

April 2018 Revenue

April was really excited for Marketplace by Task Pigeon. We have net revenue of $90 USD / ~$120 AUD come through the marketplace on the back of an inquiry centered around SEO services.

As a result of that feedback we have rolled out a bunch of new SEO services on the Marketplace. While the Marketplace is still in “Beta” it has been very encouraging to see that there is a need for services on this platform and to also speak with users who love the idea of augmenting our underlying task management application with a marketplace of on-demand freelancers who can help them get more done each day.

That said, our core monetization strategy is as a Software as a Service business. I’m excited to see how our increase in users transforms into more premium users over the next few weeks and months. For April however SaaS revenue remained flat at $189 USD / ~$265 AUD.

April 2018 Expenditure

April 2018 Expenditure

We continue to run a lean ship at Task Pigeon and did all of the above off just $723 in expenditure last month. As a result the burn was relatively minor and only came in at >$400.

That said, we did tick up our Ad spend and engage some additional freelancers in late April for which we will be billed for in May. As a result the actual expenditure for work performed in April is ~$600 higher than the figure quoted above.

It has however been delivering results as can be seen by the solid increase in user numbers and engagement.

Moving Forward

I’m incredibly excited about the future of Task Pigeon at the moment. We have an amazing new design that we are working on that keeps the core of what makes Task Pigeon great while taking the UI up to a the next level!

The early concepts look fantastic and I can’t wait to share it with our users!

Try Task Pigeon Today!

It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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