User Engagement Jumps 3x & Traffic Climbs – September 2017 Monthly Report

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Time well and truly does fly. It has already been a month since the release of the new and improved version of Task Pigeon and we continue to see the results flow through.

You may have caught my “mid-month” update that coincided with the 30 in 30 day challenge I ran, which spoke about the significant increase in traffic to our website and blog, as well as a big jump in new user numbers and user engagement.

User engagement is always something businesses focus on because the more engagement they have, the more likely they are to convert. This is even true for existing customers – if you can find a way to engage them, they’re more likely to become a repeat customer. Over the years, I’ve looked into 10DLC SMS, different email campaigns, and numerous alerts to see how I can best boost this.

Anyway, this is a theme that continues in this monthly report as I take a look back at everything that happened in September 2017.

Task Pigeon – Blog Traffic – September 2017

Blog Traffic - Task Pigeon - Septmeber 2017

Blog traffic rocketed over 65% in September. This was in large part due to the significant increase in content I have been writing. During the 30 in 30 Day challenge I post 27 times to the Task Pigeon blog.

You can see that this did have an impact on the average time on page, as well as the bounce rate and Exit percent. I expect that October will be a softer as I am testing an alternative content marketing approach where I post less often, but try and create more in-depth thought leadership style pieces. The first example of this is a blog post I put together on the leadership strategies of CEO’s from the world’s five largest tech companies.

Task Pigeon – Web Traffic – September 2017

Task Pigeon - Web Traffic - September 2017

Web Traffic did take a bit of a hit. Largely because in August we got a decent amount of referral traffic from this French news article.

More importantly however, traffic is still up compared to the June / July period where we dropped below ~2,000 pageviews a month as I put my marketing efforts into a holding pattern as I waited for the release of the new version of Task Pigeon. If you’re looking for different ways to test your statistics to see what content could ultimately lead to more consistent traffic to your blog, you might want to look into using a different blogging marketing funnel, as just one method to try increasing traffic numbers.

On a positive front it was nice to see a slight improvement in the average time spent on page, and the bounce rate. It does however remain too high for my liking.

Task Pigeon – Revenue – September 2017

Task Pigeon - Revenue - September 2017

One surprising result from September was the increase in revenue. This was an unexpected bounce as Stack Social no longer actively market the campaign.

I do however believe this is an indication of the improved user engagement we are seeing from the new version of Task Pigeon. People are seeing the value of the tool and seeking out the best deal for them.

Revenue increased from $242 USD last month to $365 in September. October also looks like it is on track for another solid month.

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Task Pigeon – Expenditure – September 2017

Task Pigeon - Expenditure - Septmeber 2017

Expenditure ticked up again, increasing from $2,732.44 to $4,733.88 as we moved back into feature building mode and my development team put in additional hours.

I also saw an increase in expenditure as I paid for some content writing to augment my own efforts in this field. Plus I have continued to test some Facebook advertising strategies after our recent success got the cost per engagement down to only 2 cents.

Task Pigeon – Monthly Active Users – September 2017

Monthly active users was one metric where we saw the biggest growth in September. We went from ~75 to 128 MAU’s. But more importantly than that the number of actions each active user completed has jumped significantly.

Actions completed by these users increased to 533 for the month which means that on average each user is completing 4.16 actions. This contrasts greatly to the earlier days when it would only hover just above 1.

Looking Forward

We have turned a corner at Task Pigeon and we are now in a mode of constantly adding new features. The focus now is clearly on growing our user base and converting free users onto our paid accounts. We have some exciting new features in the works that are going to improve our chances of doing this.

These features will build on the underlying improvements that we have recently announced including the iFramely integration for improved URL display, Private Tasks, and the ability to upload files from Microsoft OneDrive and Box.

Try Task Pigeon Today!

It's the straightforward task management tool for teams who want to get things done!


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