My Greatest Fear As A Startup Founder

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My greatest fear as a startup founder is not that I fail. It is that I won’t get the opportunity to start again.

Despite what the media or academics may say, I believe you are either born an entrepreneur or you are not.

There is no grey, there is no middle ground.

You can’t “try” to be an entrepreneur.

Every moment of my life that I can remember it is all that I have wanted to do. It is all that I have done.

It is not work. It is not boring. It is not annoying.

It is fun.

I love it. Every minute of it.

And I am sure I always will.

But eventually there comes a point where you have to expose yourself to the world. You have to emerge from the shadows and let everyone know what you have been doing.

And while you may think I have been doing that for the last few months with this blog, it is only now that I stand “naked” before you.

Task Pigeon has launched.

It is live. It is real. And it now needs to live (or die).

I can’t hide behind the fact that we are in beta, or still building out features, or testing the market. No, no, no.

Now it’s showtime. And everything that happens will be out there for the world to see. I have full confidence in my ability, but it still scares the s### out of me to think that I may sit here again in a month’s time and write that we have no customers.

We all have this persona that we build up around us. And until we “fail” it’s easy to pretend everything is still going well.

You may have a second job. You may have maxed out 3 credit cards. But if you still have a website up you can hang onto that hope that you are a “founder”.

I call BS on all of that. Too many people hide what it really is that’s going on. And as a result we all think everyone (but us) is “crushing it”.

Well this is a public service announcement to let you know that that’s not what you will see with Task Pigeon.

I’m committed to this concept of transparency and I’ll let you know just how hard its been.

Failure sucks, but not being able to start again would suck harder. I need to make this work, not because I “want to be” an entrepreneur, but because deep down I don’t know how to be anything else.

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